Oldest pottery in the world uncovered

29th Jun 2012

Travellers who enjoy holidays which take in archaeological discoveries will not want to miss the oldest pottery in the world, recently found in China.

The fragments were discovered in a cave in south China and are thought to be 20,000 years old. The discovery contradicts the theory that pottery was only invented 10,000 years ago when man became farmers as opposed to hunters and gatherers.

The discovery will be reported in the journal Science and also proves that pottery making existed in the last ice age. Chair of the Louis Frieberg Centre for East Asian Studies at The Hebrew University in Israel Gideon Shekach says this could generate new explanations to ancient pottery making.

Lead author of the article in the Science journal and archaeology and museology professor at Peking University, Wu Xiaohong, said her team of Chinese and American researchers were eager to compile information about the pottery.

She said: "We are very excited about the findings. The paper is the result of efforts done by generations of scholars.

"Now we can explore why there was pottery in that particular time, what were the uses of the vessels, and what role they played in the survival of human beings."

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