Palin offers top Salvador travel tips

19th Nov 2012

Globetrotting TV presenter Michael Palin, who travelled to Brazil for his latest BBC series, has offered his top tips for visiting the city of Salvador.

As one of the South American country's most famous tourist attractions, Salvador formed one of the undoubted highlights of the explorer's visit.

Asked to select his favourite parts of the city, he recommends the Pelourinho, with its narrow, cobbled streets, and the Garibaldi part of town - known as "the Beverly Hills of Salvador".

But he admits any tourist's first stop should be the Church of St Francis, in the city's old colonial centre. With its gold-layered walls, Palin calls it "one of the most astonishing churches I've ever visited".

Other top tips include the market at Sao Joaquim, one of the biggest markets in Brazil.

Salvador may be famous for its markets, but it's also famous for its bustling nightlife. Palin even suggests taking earplugs - "unless you really like music" - as the party continues in the daytime.

When it comes to food, Palin recommends lunch at the Paraiso Tropical. And for those who have never visited the city before, Salvador can prove to be a friendly and welcoming place.

Palin says: "My first reaction on arriving was of such excitement and wonder. It was warm, the streets were alive with people and it had an extraordinary buzz, the likes of which I've felt in few places.

"A lot of cities can initially seem rather intimidating, but Salvador just seemed so welcoming."

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