Pavilion dedicated to Brazilian artist Tunga opens

7th Sep 2012

A pavilion dedicated to the works of Brazilian artist Tunga has opened at the Inhotim Institute in south-east Brazil.

The Inhotim Institute is a massive art park created by mining billionaire Bernardo Paz. It now features a 2,600 sq m gallery with six major installations which have been acquired over the last decade, including A la Lumiere des Deux Mondes (At The Light Of Both Worlds), which was shown at Paris' Louvre in 2006 and New York's MoMA.

Gold and black skulls, as well as a giant walking stick, are suspended on a central pivot in the sculptural installation, while 1989 work Lezart is also on display and is made of copper plates and magnets to tell the story of Siamese twins joined by their hair.

Other works include Ao, a 1980s film installation which features a tunnel filled with the sound of Frank Sinatra singing. Tunga has also created five performances to celebrate the opening of the facility.

Teresa, one of the works, was previously seen in Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires and Los Angeles and involves 100 ex-prisoners and homeless men as well as entwined rope-like sculptures. In Brazil, gardeners from the Inhotim complex will fulfil the roles.

Tunga described his performance art as "a poetic way of experiencing everyday aspects. But my reality is made up of things that are not always visible [in daily life]".

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