Rare pink iguana caught on camera

2nd Jan 2013

One of the world's rarest reptiles, the pink iguana, has been caught on camera for the first time.

Sir David Attenborough managed to film the Conolophus Marthae iguana, which was only discovered a few years ago, while he was working on his new series Galapagos 3D.

The TV star was filming on the northern Galapagos island of Isabela, off the coast of Ecuador, last year when he and his team spotted the unusual creature, which lives in burrows on the crater rim of a volcano.

It is not known why the iguana has a pink complexion but it is thought the animal is related to the yellow land iguana.

Sir David said: "It's a remarkable thing in this day and age when you think about the number of scientists per square metre in the Galapagos, and yet suddenly we have discovered a new species.

"A little periwinkle or something which nobody has identified before, is one thing, but this is more than that, it's a large pink iguana. I used to collect stamps, and this was a Penny Black of the natural world in a very big way."

The Galapagos 3D With David Attenborough series got under way on New Year's Day, but people will have to wait 'til the third episode to see the rare iguana.

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