Rio highlining daredevils enjoy spectacular sights

27th Mar 2013

Rio de Janeiro is known for offering some of the most stunning sights in the world - but a team of daredevils has taken things to new heights with an awe-inspiring tightrope walk above the city.

Brian Mosbaugh even lay down on the wire to take a rest for a while as he walked along the tightrope at Pedra da Gavea.

Tourists who happened to be in Rio as part of their tailor made holidays in South America were then in for another shock when fellow daredevil Andy Lewis dangled from the line attached only by an ankle strap.

The tightrope in question was at a breathtaking height of almost 2,800ft above ground level, so while the adventurers enjoyed incredible views of Rio below, those looking upwards from the ground were left with their hearts in their mouths.

Hayley Ashburn and Scott Rogers, who together call themselves the Moab Monkeys, also joined in the sky-high frolics as part of the latest of their many stunts around the world.

Their Rio feat is known as highlining and the team revealed the stunning city of Rio provided them with some of the most "spectacular" sights they have ever seen.

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