Safari park celebrates tapir birth

12th Oct 2012

Animal conservationists have celebrated the birth of a male Brazilian tapir in Israel's Ramat Gan Safari Park.

The baby tapir is healthy and enjoying the care of his mother and sister. The father has been separated from the family as he is jealous of his offspring.

When the mother, Passiflora, started acting nervously and grouchy with her mate, zoo keepers suspected she was nearing the last days of her 13-month pregnancy. They separated the pair so Passiflora could give birth undisturbed, which she did on Saturday afternoon.

The tapir family at the safari park near Tel Aviv now numbers four with the arrival of the unnamed baby.

The International Union for the Conservation of Nature classifies the Brazilian tapir as a vulnerable species. Tapirs lose the white stripes they are born with and turn a deep brown as they mature.

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