Single visa plan for South-East Asia

27th Aug 2013

Tourists are being encouraged to enjoy Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand in the same sumptuous south-east Asia holiday experience.

This is thanks to a new three-in-one "super visa" being called for by Vietnam's prime minister.

Nguyen Tan Dung has asked key agencies and ministries to consider the plan enabling holidaymakers to use only a single visa when visiting these countries.

Vietnam wants to work with Thailand and Cambodia to simplify procedures for international tourists to enjoy even more as a similar visa is being offered by the neighbouring countries.

Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand, all geographically doable within the same trip, are popular destinations for big numbers of tourists on group tours and private journeys alike.

The world's biggest cave is a Vietnamese attraction that is rapidly catching tourists' eyes - less than a month after it opened to the public.

Phong Nh-Ke Bang National Park is home to the magnificent Son Doong, which stands 150 metres high (492ft) and 200 metres wide (656ft), in the north-central province of Quang Binh.

Holidaymakers exploring the cave have the opportunity to savour:

- massive stalactites of various shapes

- waterfalls

- a jungle is known as the Garden of Edam

- two underground sinkholes with cliffs that are as high as 200-250 metres (656ft-820ft)

- the 50-metre high (164ft) Great Wall of Vietnam

- native animals such as flying foxes, monkeys and hornbills.

Cambodia, meanwhile, boasts one of south-east Asia's most impressive cultural sites - Angkor Wat.

This 12th-century Buddhist and Hindu temple complex in Siem Reap province is the world's biggest religious monument at 400-sq km (160-sq miles).

Its visitor numbers have jumped from 250,000 a year in 2001 to 2 million today.

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