Snapper sees hippo stall Kenya wildebeest migration

19th Oct 2012

Nothing normally messes with the herds of wildebeest and zebras that thunder across Kenya's Masai Mara river during their annual trek to the Serengeti.

Nothing, that is, except for a roaring, two-tonne male hippo seen bringing the animals' spectacular en masse migration to a juddering halt.

Just like the many tourists who visit Kenya on tailor made holidays, wildlife photographer Manoj Shah was entranced by the migrating animals when he spotted an even more spectacular sight. He saw the angry hippo standing up in the middle of the river to stop the herds of wildebeest and zebras crossing.

At one stage the hippo climbed out of the water on to the riverbank and stomped towards the animals to drive them away from his territory. The drama was captured on camera by the photographer before the hippo finally gave in and moved upstream.

Manoj said: "It was like watching a massive bulldozer causing a traffic jam on a motorway, none of the migrating animals wanted to get in the river with him. No one crossed while he was there until he calmed down and went further upstream to sit on his belly again in the water. After he'd gone the crossing started again in full force."

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