South Korea‏ trekking holidays bring new challenge

27th Aug 2013

Many walkers on trekking holidays might relish the challenge of a walk that took them from Land's End to Newcastle in England.

This is roughly the distance of a colossal new route that is set to become Korea's longest walking trail.

The official opening of the complete 770-kilometre (478.4 mile) Haeparang Road trail is scheduled for January 2015.

Such a distance may seem daunting to all but the most hardened walker, but less serious trekkers can take heart.

There are no steep inclines or hills to hike, with the route including quite significant terrain changes from pavement to dirt or grass, to both soft and wet sand.

An easy-to-navigate and more foreigner-friendly trail is promised by the time the route is opened in its entirety.

This east coast journey offers some of the nation's most diverse and scenic walking and hiking experiences.

It provides pockets of peace for travellers on private journeys as well as comprising over 15 cities and counties on one, long uninterrupted trail for days on end.

Holidaymakers on city breaks to Busan can start the trail from its Oryukdo Island and head north all the way towards the demilitarised zone in northern Gangwon Province, where it ends at the Unification Observatory.

It features trails along the beach, through forests and villages besides coastal islands and much more.

Holidaymakers can spend hours watching endless ocean views, both by walking along hillside paths in addition to walking directly on the sand on the area's many beaches, all the while observing the locals doing what they do best: fishing.

Kim Hoon, of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, said that Haeparang Road is not a route that was started from scratch.

Hoon said "We have taken already established roads and trails and selected ones we believed would make for a good walk. We have also created safe pathways to enable hikers to walk through otherwise hard-to-reach locations."

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