TV globetrotter Karl back on his travels

11th Oct 2013

His global adventures have already taken him to Egypt, China, India, Jordan, Peru, Israel, Mexico and Brazil and Peru.

But now Karl Pilkington faces his biggest challenge yet in his latest TV series.

The funnyman wants countries around the world to help him come to terms with turning 40.

Pilkington, who actually hit 41 last month, wants to reappraise his life and view the world differently now that he is officially middle-aged.

Famous for his 'perfectly round head' and an improbable friendship with comedian Ricky Gervais, the Mancunian is starting yet another televised globetrotting adventure for Sky.

The Moaning of Life will see the cynical Pilkington make a trip of self-discovery around the globe as he attempts to learn from the way other cultures cope with life's big issues.

Since 2010, Karl has wooed Sky 1 watchers for his unconventional approach to travel programming as star of An Idiot Abroad.

The show's third series, The Short Way Round, was screened in 2012 and co-starred Warwick Davis as Pilkington's travelling companion.

Sky is not yet disclosed where it is sending Pilkington, but earlier programme An Idiot Abroad saw him visit the Seven Wonders of the World.

In this, he visited The Great Wall of China, learned Kung Fu, and ate toad before visiting India to experience the Taj Mahal's delights and partake in the Hindus' Kumbh Mela Festival.

He also took a dip in the Ganges River and met Baba the Elephant.

In addition, Pilkington took in Jordan and Israel, seeing the Wailing Wall, Jerusalem, and Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus.

Karl visited Mexico's Chicken Itza on Easter Sunday to view a re-enactment of the Passion, and also attempted wrestling and learned how to be a charro horseman.

Pilkington viewed The Great Pyramids in Egypt, Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro and Peru's stunning pre-Columbian Inca site, Machu Picchu during his TV shows.

The Moaning of Life, five one-hour shows screened on Sky1 on Sundays, starts on October 20.

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