The truth is out there… in Mexico?

6th Jun 2013

Mexico is fast becoming a hotspot for suspected UFO sightings.

A video of what appears to be an unidentified flying object diving headlong into the smouldering crater of Popocatepetl volcano is now a YouTube smash-hit (visit

A bright, fast-flying object appears to make a quick left turn in order to go directly into the top of the erupting mountain on the night of May 30.

It seems to be something more aircraft-like, and appears to make a conscious choice to swiftly reduce speed and plunge into the smoke-filled hole.

The footage, in the Puebla state of southern Mexico, was being recorded by media firm Televisa.

This isn't the first time UFOs have been caught on film near Popocatepetl.

A similar thing happened in November, prompting a 24-hour webcam to be set up there.

Popocatepetl is already one of the area's most popular cultural sites among holidaymakers, with its monasteries on the volcano's slopes.

Now the latest video could prompt visits from ufologists on tailor-made holidays just to see for themselves if there is anything in the sightings.

Marc Dantonio, a US government contractor who also manages a UFO website, said he believed the footage was unlikely to be fake. But he added the appearance of the object veering into the volcano is just a trick of perspective.

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