Tibet‏ trekking holidays' trip back through time

13th Jun 2013

For trekking holidays and those seeking ancient cultural sites, Tibet's Upper Mustang has few peers.

Now this fact has been recognised by a leading travel guide book.

Lonely Planet has judged this region's 15th-century monasteries the world's third best destination.

To visit this area is to take a trip back far through the mists of time.

Mustang, "The Forbidden Kingdom", lies north of the mystical Himalayas and edges out on to the Tibetan Plateau.

Chhusang, Charang, Surkhang, Ghami, Lomanthang, Chhonhup, and Chhoser villages are the main attractions for tourists in Upper Mustang.

The region boasts stupas - domed structures erected as Buddhist shrines - dating back many centuries.

Dozens of old and new monasteries in areas such as Chhoser, Surkhang and Chhonhup continue to enchant tourists.

Some of the more fascinating sights for holidaymakers' eyes are human cave settlements, houses of clay, and the arts and culture of old palaces.

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