Turkey's founding father celebrated in new museum

8th Aug 2013

A new museum celebrating modern Turkey's founding father is being unveiled to the public next week.

Holidaymakers on city breaks to Thessaloniki can from next Friday (August 16) enjoy visiting the place where Mustafa Kemal Atatürk was born.

Restoration works on the House of Atatürk are now complete for what city tourism chiefs say will become one of its more fascinating cultural sites.

The building comprises three floors, each reflecting a different aspect of Atatürk's life.

Multimedia displays, including short documentary movies, will be offered in Turkish, English and Greek.

The museum spans Atatürk's lifespan (1881-1938), detailing his early childhood to his final days, and slightly beyond to map his influence.

It will look at how the Balkans and the schools he attended affected his life and chronicle the political, social and geographical significance of both the Balkans and Turkey.

Although Atatürk was the founding father of Turkey, Thessaloniki (Salonica) is in Greece.

But there are plenty of monuments dedicated to him in Turkey, from those in humble village schools and public parks to a grand statue in the heart of Istanbul's central Taksim Square.

The 36ft high (11 metres) Cumhuriyet (Republic) monument portrays the founders of the Turkish republic, including Atatürk.

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