Unique TV dolphins showcase Costa Rica's delights

7th Jan 2014

Costa Rica-bound tourists with a devotion to dolphins are in for a treat - if a new BBC nature series is anything to go by.

Dolphins - Spy in the Pod filmed unique footage of an unprecedented gathering of between 3,000-3,500 of the creatures swimming together off the Central American country's coast.

Holidaymakers considering group tours will have their appetites whetted, especially if they are planning tailor-made holidays around the sealife.

TV viewers can see dolphins in this so-called superpod throwing themselves out of the water before joining scores of others swimming deep under the water's surface.

Cameramen shot footage both in and above the water, employing long-lens and slow motion techniques.

The most incredible, detailed scenes came from cameras' installed "spy creatures" - bogus animals with cameras installed their mouths and eyes.

Filmmakers created the aquatic camera, which can go at least 25 metres (82ft) below the surface, in turtles, tuna, and squids.

Filming from above the water was taken by "turtle cam" and under it by "tuna cam".

Series producer Rob Pilley told BBC Breakfast: "The close proximity that these devices gave you is something that a cameraman or woman could not get."

The natural history documentary makers also helped shed light on some surprising habits the dolphins had.

Mr Pilley said dolphins, like many humans, go to a sort of day spa to remove any dead skin.

But Costa Rica tourism is much more than just dolphins.

Its four main trump cards are: Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve's marvellous mountain rainforest habitat; Tortuguero National Park's riveting rivers and lovely lagoons; Puerto Viejo's sumptuous surfing, snorkelling, diving and reefs; and Cahuita National Park's charming coral reef and beautiful beaches.

The second instalment of Dolphins - Spy in the Pod, which started last week, can be seen this Thursday (January 9) on BBC One at 8pm.

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