Vietnam showcases 'mountain god's final resting place'

11th Jul 2013

Few destinations treat holidaymakers to a more diverse and spectacular changing of the seasons than Vietnam's Ba Vi National Park.

From spring's striking colours to winter's cool air, this mountainous paradise at the heart of the northern plain has four different faces that keep tourists coming back on trekking tours.

Legend has it that Ba Vi (Three Peaks) is the final resting place of the mountain god Tan Vien

The tallest summit, known as King Peak, is 1,296 metres followed by Tan Vien Peak (Mountain God) at 1,227 metres and Ngoc Hoa Peak at 1,131 metres.

Cultural sites include one temple dedicated to President Ho Chi Minh on King Peak and another to worship the mountain god on Tan Vien Peak.

Tien Sa tourism site, where a 20-hectare lake is enveloped by a 120-hectare forest, provides the entrance to the park.

The site is split into many themed zones to please all ages, including a water park and areas to enjoy tennis, football, volleyball and badminton.

Following the sloping zig-zagging 12km path from the park gate affords tourists the opportunity to view the rich local flora and fauna.

The park hosts more than 1,200 types of plants and 63 animal species.

At the end of the road, climbing over 1,000 steps leading to the two main temples in the clouds is an unforgettable experience.

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