Where there's a wheel there's a way

22nd May 2013

Great Wall of China unicyclist Kris Holm has proved that where there's a wheel there's a way.

Canadian Holm has enjoyed trekking holidays that might seem anything but relaxing to some.

That's because he has crossed some of the planet's harshest and most remote areas … on a unicycle.

He also descended a 5,950-metre volcano in Bolivia, where he also conquered the jungles, and braved the mountainous countries of the Himalayas, including Bhutan, while riding on a single wheel.

Holm admitted that he did get some odd looks during his private journeys.

He said: "In countries such as Mongolia and Bhutan it wasn't necessarily because of the unicycle, they just shrugged me off as Western so I must be doing something weird."

Holm, whose exploits have won him global notoriety, said some of them thought that westerners rode unicycles all the time. "If only that was the case," he added.

He started uni-cycling in 1986, aged 12, and has won the 2005 European, 2002 World, and 1999 North American unicycle trials championships.

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