Why Egypt's Pyramids continue to sell themselves

17th May 2013

Egypt is one place where there's no need for Pyramid selling. The Pyramids sell themselves.

No visit to the country is complete without the most sumptuous of city breaks to Cairo, Giza City and these most ancient and revered of cultural sites.

The pyramid of Pharaoh king Khufu is one of the world's largest and is thought to be among the greatest structures of the Seven Wonders of the World.

There are three pyramids and a Sphinx located in Giza City at the northern edge of the Giza Plateau.

This is around 10 miles west of Cairo and west of the Nile, bordering the Sahara Desert.

The Great Pyramid of Khufu was built over 20 years by King Khufu in about 2560 BC.

The king's chamber sits at the heart of the pyramid.

His coffin and the chamber's internal walls are built in red granite.

Five boat pits flank the pyramid on the south and the east, two of them thought to be used by the Pharaoh during his lifetime.

The Great Sphinx is joined to Pyramid Khafre's complex, north of Khafre's valley temple and with a separate temple of its own.

This construction is a figure with a lion's body and a man's face; the manifestation of a sun god who is supposed to be the guardian of the ancient burial ground.

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