You'll fall for Brazil's Indiana Jones waterfalls

18th Jun 2013

Asked to think of Brazil's tourist attractions, most people immediately think of Christ of the Redeemer, the famous statue so cherished by holidaymakers on city breaks to Rio.

But the equally spectacular Iguacu Falls are increasingly rivalling the iconic statue in the popularity stakes.

Film connoisseurs may have seen them before.

Indiana Jones and The Misson have used them as a place to capture excitement.

The boat rides that take you to the bottom of the falls depicted in these movies are exhilarating.

Iguacu Falls, discovered in 1541, was recently announced as one winner of the New Seven Wonders of Natures by the New Seven Wonders of the World Foundation and is also a World Heritage site.

These breathtaking waterfalls are perched on the border of the Brazilian state of Paraná and Argentina.

Their dimensions alone drop jaws.

Wider than the Victoria Falls, taller than Niagara, these frothing, all-powerful cascading jets of water acquire an additional dimension when you learn they used to be a holy place.

Standing 82 metres (269ft) at their highest point and boasting a total width of 2.7 kilometres (1.7 miles), they are responsible for nearly three-million gallons of water hurtling down every second.

If tourists on trekking holidays head north along the river towards Devil's Throat, they will discover that the drop is huge, the sound dramatic, the spray unavoidable.

There is a walkway that traces the ridge, at the end of which you look down and experience what has been called "an ocean falling into the abyss".

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