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Here are some reviews from our past travellers to Africa. For more details on each tour, simply click on the tour image.

Hess was amazing. He was very organized and efficient. Very impressed by his people skills and his ability resolve issues and avoid any conflicts. I know that some of our group thought that he was not well organized or interactive enough. I learned that they were young and this was their first time traveling with a tour. We have traveled several times with Gate One, Roads Scholars, and Affordable Asia, so we have extensive experiences in which to make a comparison. Hess was highly organized, what they took as complacent, was his astute awareness as to when to back off and let us have alone time or chances to interact with each other. Everything we requested was accomplished. How he kept it all straight is beyond most people's abilities. One of the best guides we have ever had. ”  

Kathryn Owen • Submitted 16 Mar 2017
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Wildlife Express
22 days Day | Overland Safari Tours

Hello Charlie,

Just back from our 12 day Falls to Jo'burg trip and we had a fabulous time! Thoroughly enjoyed the amazing experiences at Vic Falls, Blyde River Canyon, Otavango Delta and Kruger Park. We did have two upgrades and found the accommodation a well-deserved treat and complete luxury after the normal tents.

Thanks to reading and re-reading your extensive trip notes, advice and guidance beforehand we were well prepared and knew exactly what to expect - unlike others who either didn't have the same tips from their companies or who didn't bother to read the information.

We even became quite accomplished at putting tents up and dismantling them (even in the rain)! Will, the main tour guide, and Simon helping, were extremely helpful, patient and completely approachable at all times which considering our large group comprising people with ages from 20-82 yrs was no mean feat.

Mama Florence the cook and Frans the driver were just as friendly and did an excellent job of feeding us delicious meals and ensuring we arrived safely and in one piece, both with great humour. We never saw any one of the crew in a bad mood or impatient with anyone - we were treated with courtesy throughout and they were full of information about Africa.

Many thanks, we will book again! ”  

Linda Wickman • Submitted 14 Mar 2017
Falls to Joburg
12 days Day | Overland Safari Tours

Fantastic! Great group and tour. Mackenzie, Tom and Mwai were brilliant. Great, fresh meals, good driving even on very rough "roads" and good instruction. You need to very carefully read your trip notes to get the best out of this tour. Also apply for the (new?) East African visa which lets you into Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda on a multi-entry basis. There are a lot of early starts and long drives on this tour. There was only one real relaxing day but I'm so glad I went. The gorillas were amazing as was the rest of the wildlife. All the locals we met were very friendly and obliging - even if it cost you a dollar!”  

Timothy Atkinson • Submitted 7 Mar 2017
Gorilla and Game Trek
15 days Day | Overland Safari Tours