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The frozen and windswept continent of Antarctica represents one of the last remaining frontiers for intrepid travellers. Home to the geographical South Pole and almost wholly contained within the Antarctic Circle, it's a land of extreme weather, wild landscapes and surreal remoteness where adventure tourism and scientific endeavour collide. Here you can marvel at enormous icebergs, breathtaking glaciers, vast polar ice caps, and rugged snow-covered mountains.

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Upcoming Antarctica Trips

Trip NameStartsDepartingFrom USDDealMap
Classic Antarctica - 11 days Ushuaia 13 Nov 2016 USD $9,220 Classic Antarctica - 11 days Map
Antarctica Taster - 9 days Ushuaia 07 Feb 2017 USD $9,260 Antarctica Taster - 9 days Map
Polar Circle Quest - 12 days Ushuaia 15 Feb 2017 USD $12,740 Polar Circle Quest - 12 days Map
Classic South Georgia - 20 days Ushuaia 13 Oct 2017 USD $13,560 Classic South Georgia - 20 days Map

Antarctica Expedition Cruises

The Ushuaia with snow-covered land in background | Photo courtesy of Facundo Santana | AntarcticaCultural Experiences, Local Partners

Antarctica Taster

9 days | FROM USD $9,260

Experience the majesty of Antarctica on this one off expedition from a...

Fur seals on Adelaide Island | AntarcticaCultural Experiences, Local Partners

Classic Antarctica

11 days | FROM USD $9,220

Embark on an exhilarating expedition to Antarctica from Ushuaia, by to...

The Ushuaia with a giant iceberg | Photo courtesy of Weisheng Lin | AntarcticaCultural Experiences, Local Partners

Polar Circle Quest

12 days | FROM USD $12,740

Setting sail from Ushuaia, Argentina's southernmost port city, embark...

A group of King Penguins in the Falkland Islands | AntarcticaCultural Experiences, Local Partners

Classic South Georgia

20 days | FROM USD $13,560

From Ushuaia set sail towards the Falkland Islands to explore West and...

Our Antarctica Expedition Cruises offer intrepid travellers the opportunity to journey to the end of the world on a thrilling voyage. Setting sail from the port of Ushuaia, Argentina, on an ice-strengthened polar vessel our expedition cruises take in the highlights of the Antarctic Peninsula, South Shetland Islands and Polar Circle, as well as the Falkland Islands and South Georgia on our 20 day Classic South Georgia itinerary.

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The Ushuaia
Your passage to the Antarctic Peninsula

On board the Ushuaia you'll enjoy comfortable accommodation in a choice of cabins, a spacious open-air deck to spot sea birds and marine life, an open-bridge policy where you can learn about navigation from the officers, and a schedule of lectures from a team of expert naturalists. We endeavour to make two shore landings per day, allowing you to set foot on the continent itself, get up close and personal with the local wildlife and to visit at least one of the scientific stations to gain insight into the research being done here.

There are a number of routes from Ushuaia in the south of Argentina to Antarctica with different itineraries taking in different islands and points of interest. Here's our pick of some of the best places to see when visiting this frozen frontier.

Antarctic Peninsula - On The Go Tours
Icy wilderness

Antarctic Peninsula

Stretching towards South America from the Antarctic continent, this peninsula of land is where tourist expeditions to Antarctica make the majority of their landings. Characterised by ice-covered mountains, floating ice shelves and incredible glaciers, the Antarctic Peninsula offers a fantastic introduction to the seventh continent with a surprising variety of polar wildlife to see and scenery to enjoy.

South Shetland Islands - Antarctica - On The Go Tours
Wildlife and research

South Shetland Islands

Lying north of the tip of the Antarctic Peninsula, this group of ice-covered islands is one of the region's most popular places thanks to the permanently manned research bases and the populations of penguins and seals that inhabit the rocky coastlines. These islands are an excellent place to get to grips with the scientific work that's carried out in Antarctica and enjoy abundant wildlife spotting opportunities.

Falkland Islands - Antarctica - On The Go Tours
Rugged beauty

Falkland Islands

This hotly contested archipelago off the coast of Patagonia is a popular addition to Antarctic voyages due to the rugged landscapes, excellent wildlife populations and vast open spaces. The two principal islands of West and East Falkland are home to penguins, seals and albatrosses with a human population of just 3,000 or so. Off the coast lie dozens more islands to explore with nature reserves, working farms and dramatic scenery.

South Georgia Island - Antarctica - On The Go Tours
History and wildlife

South Georgia Island

Part of the remote South Sandwich Islands that lie northeast from the Antarctic Peninsula, South Georgia Island is often described as "the Alps in the mid-ocean" thanks to the picturesque landscapes of craggy mountains, glaciers and surprisingly green vegetation. Visited by Sir Ernest Shackleton and a vital part of the early whaling industry, South Georgia is steeped in Antarctic history and with large numbers of seals and penguins breeding on the island in summer, it's also a nature lover's dream.

Antarctica Travel Guide

Make your epic voyage to Antarctica plain sailing with our handy travel guide resources covering everything from top tips to best places to visit.

Best Time to Visit

Information on climate in Antarctica and when to go

Top Travel Tips

Useful information on what you need to know to plan your trip

A typical ice-covered landscape in Antarctica

Best Places to Visit

Must-see sights on any voyage to the frozen continent

Tourist Visas

Visa requirements for Antarctica and info on getting your visa

The Ushuaia with a penguin in the foreground | Photo courtesy of Facundo Santana | Antarctica

The Ushuaia

All about The Ushuaia polar vessel used on our expeditions

Get to know Antarctica

Recommended Reading

  • The Worst Journey in the World
    by Apsley Cherry-Garrard
  • March of the Penguins
    by Luc Jacquet
  • Terra Incognita: Travels in Antarctica
    by Sara Wheeler
Did you know...?

Facts about Antarctica

  • Antarctica is classified as a desert due to the lack of moisture in the air and it's the largest desert on the planet.
  • The Antarctic Ice Cap accounts for 90% of the world's ice and if this melted, the oceans would rise by 60-65 metres.
  • There are no flying insects in Antarctica and the largest land animal here is actually an insect - a wingless midge.

Antarctica Travel Advice:

We keep informed of the latest travel guidance to Antarctica and follow advice as set out by the British Foreign Office. Safety of our travellers is paramount and we recommend that you check the latest travel updates from the relevant advisory body in your country.

Online Travel Resources for Antarctica:

REFER TO: Discovering Antarctica, Cool Antarctica and World Travel Guide.

ALSO SEE: The official British Antarctic Survey site and the latest Antarctica weather updates.

The wildlife of Antarctica

The harsh conditions of Antarctica means that only a small and robust selection of animals can call the frozen continent home and those that do are a highlight of any visit down south. Penguins are the most common bird in the region with over 17 different species present from the regal-looking Emperor penguin to the adorable Adélie penguins, both made famous by the animated film Happy Feet. On a voyage to Antarctic there's also the opportunity to spot a number of seal species lounging along the coast, soaring albatross and enigmatic whales including Blue whales, orca and sperm whales.

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Cultural Experiences, Local Partners

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