Best Time to Visit Armenia

Updated: 06th May 2020

Sacred Odzun monastery in Armenia
Spring at Sacred Odzun Monastery is an ideal time to visit in May

Seasons and Weather

Armenia experiences a highland continental climate, which is distinguished by cold winters and hot, dry summers. The best time to visit Armenia is either side of summer, between late May and early June or late September and early October, to enjoy comfortable temperatures and pleasant sightseeing. But to help you plan your perfect trip this Central Asian nation, here’s a breakdown of what each season has to offer.

What's winter like in Armenia?

From December to February temperatures drop considerably in Armenia, with snowfall likely in the northern region. This is the country’s low season, with many roads becoming difficult to travel and several tourist sites closing.

However, if you do decide to travel to Armenia during these colder months, you’ll enjoy cheaper rates and several wintertime activities. Ice skating is popular in the capital city of Yerevan and the ski resort of Tsaghkadzor is gaining increasing attention.

What's spring like in Armenia?

Spring is a short affair in Armenia, with rain showers common throughout March and April. By May, the country becomes warmer and drier, with flowers in bloom across the lush landscape. Therefore, late spring can be great choice for those looking to hike or soak up the views from Armenia’s beautiful monasteries.

What's summer like in Armenia?

From June to September, Armenia experiences its hottest temperatures, with blue skies and long, dry days. This is the perfect season to head to Lake Seven and enjoy some watersports or sunbathing, with the green landscape also idyllic for hiking. Yerevan can be incredibly hot at this time, prompting many locals to head for the cooler mountains.

What's autumn like in Armenia?

Armenia’s long autumn begins in September, with cooler temperatures making this season ideal for exploring the country’s towns and cities. Expect to see fresh fruit and vegetables from the harvest everywhere. And as the trees take on their rich autumnal colours, this is also a great time for photographers and hikers to visit Dilijan National Park.

Climate | Yerevan

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Temp Max °C251220253034342920125
Rainfall (mm)202030302020291010304010

Upcoming events

To help you plan your trip to Armenia, here's an overview of the festivals and events taking place this year:


May 1st-2nd- Yerevan Wine Days
July 19th - Vardavar Festival
July 20th-22nd - Watermelon Festival
August 1st - Taraz Festival
September TBC - International Balloon Festival

There's also a number of national holidays in Armenia and on these dates opening hours may be affected so plan your visit accordingly.

Intricate rose carving in a watermelon
Intricate Rose Watermelon carving at the Watermelon Festival

Festivals and Events

If you’re still undecided about when to visit Armenia, take a look at some of this country’s best festivals and events that you may wish to include on your itinerary.

When is Yerevan Wine Days?

With the tradition of winemaking dating back thousands of years in Armenia, it’s no surprise that the country has a festival to celebrate this part of its history. Held over two days in May, the festival is spread through the intersections of the Saryan, Pushkin and Tumanyan streets. Visitors can sample over 200 types of wine, as well as plenty of cheese and Armenian cuisine, to a background of well-known Armenian bands and DJs.

What is the Vardavar Festival?

Celebrated across Armenia, Vardavar festival is a Christian tradition that dates back to pagan times. Celebrated 14 weeks after Easter, the festival is associated with the deity Astghik, who was the goddess of water, love, beauty and fertility. On the date, young and old join in for a fun-filled day of splashing each other with water. A great opportunity not only to join in with the locals, but to get a refreshing break from the summer heat.

What is the Taraz Festival?

If you’re looking for a taste of Armenian culture and history, then Taraz Festival is the one for you to attend. Each year, the streets of Yerevan come alive with people dressed in traditional Armenian dresses or taraz. The event showcases clothing from across different regions of the country, with the chance for visitors to try it on for themselves alongside other accessories and handmade pieces.

When is Armenia's International Balloon Festival?

Held in September, the International Balloon Festival sees hot air balloons from across the world float above Yerevan. The event officially opens in Republic Square, the city’s main square, with the colourful spectacle drawing thousands of spectators. Be sure to take your camera to capture some photos of the balloons as they rise skyward.

What is the Watermelon Festival?

Yerevan’s annual Watermelon Festival is held in the heart of the capital at the Swan Lake. During the event, watermelon carving specialists display an array of fantastic creations, from ornate flowers to intricate faces. There’s plenty of fun competitions, games and live performances to enjoy, as well as lots of the famously tasty Armenian watermelon to eat.

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