Botswana Travel Guide

About to go wild in Botswana on a fabulous safari holiday? There's a few things you need to know before you do so look no further than our useful travel guide resources. Here you'll find information on the top game reserves and when best to visit them for wildlife spotting. There's also details on the necessary visa you'll need and tips on everything from currency to WiFi access. If you're still in the process of deciding which tour is right for you, read more about what to expect of our overland camping and lodge-accommodated safaris or read what our travellers think about our tours. We also have a comprehensive guide on where to find Africa's Big 5 and an easy reference guide on more of the continent's wildlife.


Best Places to Visit

Our pick of Botswana's top game reserves and national parks

Best Time to Visit menu image

Best Time to Visit

Time your safari adventure with the seasons for the best chance to spot wildlife


Top Travel Tips

Learn about what vaccinations you'll need, travelling with children and more


About Overland Safaris

What to expect on an overland camping expedition from transport to accommodation


About Lodge Safaris

More about our lodge accommodated safaris in Africa and what to expect


Traveller Visas

Visa requirements for Botswana and information on getting your visa


Safari Wildlife Guide

Where to see Africa's most iconic wildlife and the best time to do so

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Spotting Africa's Big 5

Our guide to the best places in Africa to see the famous Big 5