The best time to visit Central America

Seasons in Central America

For many the dry season between December and April is considered the best time to travel around the region with pleasant temperatures and largely clear skies. This is peak tourist season with a number of national holidays including Easter and Christmas.

The rainy season runs from April to December with hurricane season hitting the region in September and October, especially on the Caribbean coast. There's usually still plenty of sunshine during the wetter months though humidity will be at its highest. The rainy season means fewer people though the compromise is tropical storms and more mosquitoes.

Most countries in Central America have very distinct micro climates with temperatures and rainfall varying from coast to coast and as the altitude rises in the mountainous interior highlands. For more in-depth weather information, please visit the relevant country destination page on our website.

Belize Climate | San Ignacio

Temp Min °C202122242526252525242221
Temp Max °C282930313232323232313029
Rainfall (mm)138803881124198156202197285233134

Costa Rica Climate | San Jose

Temp Min °C141415171717171616161413
Temp Max °C242426262726252626252524
Rainfall (mm)155204622924121124130530014541

Cuba Climate | Havana

Temp Min °C181819212223242424232119
Temp Max °C262627293031323231292726
Rainfall (mm)714646581191651251351501737958

Guatemala Climate | Antigua

Temp Min °C121213151616161616151413
Temp Max °C222325252524232423222322
Rainfall (mm)00612457287571054893

Honduras Climate | Copan

Temp Min °C131314151617171717161514
Temp Max °C222426282625252626242322
Rainfall (mm)403024441532882102152951457658

Mexico Climate | Cancun

Temp Min °C192022232526262524232221
Temp Max °C272829293132323232312928
Rainfall (mm)8956414111717810915022921897109

Nicaragua Climate | Granada

Temp Min °C202022232322212221222121
Temp Max °C293032313128272928292930
Rainfall (mm)1219667830609990363

Panama Climate | Panama City

Temp Min °C181818192121212021212019
Temp Max °C333435353434343433323333
Rainfall (mm)29101364225235168220254330252104
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