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Here are some reviews from our past travellers to China. For more details on each tour, simply click on the tour image.

My trip started in Beijing where I collected my tourist visa and my flights details were arranged and then it was off to Pyongyang. Accompanied by my two guides at all times my itinerary was structured and controlled but each day was very busy and entertaining. My itinerary included a succession of monuments, towers, statues and buildings that glorify the Kim regime. It even included a trip to the circus to watch some amazing young acrobats. The memorable part of the trip was a visit to the DMZ at Panmunjom and seeing the situation from the north gave me a chance to witness things from a new perspective. The Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea is not a budget destination and there are absolutely no opportunities to use public transport, change hotels and mix with the locals. I found that the fascination of travelling in the DPRK is trying to see past the ideology and 'accept' the version of history given to me by my guides and just understanding that I was in the most closed and secretive nation on earth. As with all my trips I arrived in North Korea with a sense of humour and an open mind and I found I had a very rewarding and enjoyable trip. My guides were friendly, knowledgeable, polite and provided lots of laughs. The DPRK is clean, very safe and except for Munich and Poland has the best draught beer I have tasted! Thank you Maria and On The Go Tours ”  

JEFFREY REHN • Submitted 12 Dec 2016
Inside North Korea Main Image
Inside North Korea
9 days Day | Private Tours

The guide Sabrena was very knowledgable, thoughtful and caring for the whole trip.

A very genuine person, could not have had a better guide! And the Drivers and van excellent. I was surprised to have such good accommodation no complaints there.

Too many gardens to visit, although beautiful but instead would have preferred to have visited the best historical museum in Beijing to help understand the depth & richness of Chinese culture. I'm sure our friendly savvy group who were all well over 30yrs (we all gelled as a group and eight perfect number sure they would have appreciated it too! And a modern art Gallery say in Shanghai. These two things would give more depth to the tour. (Not the traditional art which everyone knows in west so well). Acrobatic performance was brilliant.

Benny the guide in Xian was good and fun too. He obviously loves his city. I loved the bike ride around the city wall best way to view the it. Ramps and all. Amazing markets there.

The whole tour for me was so enjoyable, China"s exciting, vibrant and spectacular sites The Great Wall (so good to have two days walking it.) Terracotta (Bike ride, the cruises, towers...all good) So glad to have travelled by trains than go through domestic airports!

Longman Caves( here would have been good to have connected us with the little ferries that plied the river we tried but language a barrier would have been a highlight of our stay there viewing the caves sailing along instead we walked.

Shanghai"s Cruise was stunning, loved it the best and great way to finish our tour, especially and special thanks to Megan our FlightCentre agent in Adelaide for working so hard to arrange the best, for our trip, very thorough and helpful a job well done.”  

Lynne Seppelt-Deakin • Submitted 7 Dec 2016
Longman Grottos from river in Luoyang - China Tours - On The Go Tours
Chinese Checkers
11 days Day | Group Tours

Having travelled quite extensively, this was my first time of being on a tour. We were meet by Lisa who extended a warm and friendly welcome to Beijing. Lisa kindly took matters into her own hands to reunite me with my delayed luggage, allowing me go ahead to the hotel. It arrived with Lisa later that night after midnight who made it appear to be no bother at all after what was a long day for her. Very impressed. The tour itself was well organised and structured with a few minor amendments to the itinerary which we were notified of beforehand. There was enough time spent in each city to get an overview of the place. The tour gave so many great experiences and exposure to a side China that was more than I imagined. The highlight for me was The Great Wall - so majestic. Right now I'm still trying to take it all in. My only moan would be that on a few occasions there was not enough time for photo opportunities as we had to be moving very quickly - understandable as time was of the essence. That said, it was one of my best travel experiences and one that I won't forget having been accompanied by a very friendly & fun group and a fantastic tour guide. Lisa is a genuine credit to your company and a nice person too. Nothing was ever too much for Lisa to assist with and was very patient too. Hopefully on my next tour I'll meet someone just as nice and helpful as Lisa.”  

Althea James • Submitted 2 Nov 2016
Hong Kong-China Tours-On The Go Tours
Hutongs to Hong Kong
13 days Day | Group Tours