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Here are some reviews from our past travellers to China. For more details on each tour, simply click on the tour image.

Stefanie is a fantastic guide, she was always smiling, always friendly and always positive even whilst dealing with what I would consider some very difficult customers. Her knowledge was incredible with no question left unanswered. I would love to go on another tour with Stefanie as my guide.

The tour itself was history rich which interested me in some parts and left me bored in others, but each to their own! I feel like the time in Harbin could have been longer because it truley was beautiful and I could have spent a week there.

I'm not sure if it is a feasible idea but i found that all my layers of clothing just wasn't enough at night time in Harbin. I would have loved to have been able to hire some proper thermal gear, the jackets that the locals were wearing were super thick and stuffed with down, something you just can't buy in Australia or can't justify paying $500 for a beautiful Canada goose jacket for 3 days :)

I can't wait to travel with your company again. It's been great. ”  

Laurel Hill • Submitted 6 Jan 2015
Harbin Ice Festival Secondary 1
Harbin Ice Festival
11 days Day | Festival Tours

The tour was great! We had lovely tourmates and guide. The weather was good, thanks to the APAC meeting held in Beijing, thus the air pollution was limited. Our guide, Stephanie was like a "mother" to us. She explains very well and will always inform us of the good food near the hotel. She will also ask if we are comfortable in the different hotels. She is a really good guide and takes good care of us. I will recommend friends to request for her should they go on this tour to Beijing. Unfortunately, our time spent together ended when we board the overnight train to Shanghai.

Over at Shanghai, we had another lovely guide, Billy. He brought us to places we wish to go and explained the history of diff places we visited. He did a good job in meeting our wishes to wish different places and buying things before we all return home.”  

Diana Sng Yi Wen • Submitted 29 Nov 2014
Longman Grottos from river in Luoyang - China Tours - On The Go Tours
Chinese Checkers
11 days Day | Group Tours

Justin went above and beyond to ensure all members of the group had a great time. He dealt with everything in a great way and made the whole trip stress-free and gave us an amazing experience in China.”  

Michael Latham • Submitted 27 Nov 2014
Stretch of the Great Wall of China - China Tours - On The Go Tours
Great Wall & Warriors
9 days Day | Group Tours