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Nanning is the capital city of the Guangxi Province in the Southwest of China, close to Guangzhou and just 200km from the Vietnam border making it a useful transit point for those heading to and from Southeast Asia. Nanning is home to 30 ethnic minority groups, whose diverse history and ethnic culture add to the city's charm.

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In the centre of the city is the busy shopping district of Xingning Lu which is excellent for a little retail therapy. At night the streets come alive with locals of all ages filling the numerous coffee houses, gardens, squares and bars that the city has to offer.

Nanning is known as the “Green City” owing to its beautiful sub-tropical scenery, evergreen trees and abundance of parks and gardens. Within close proximity of the city are many attractions, most notably the stunning De Tian Waterfalls which fall in stages over rocks and are surrounded by spectacular emerald karst landsape of hills and fields. The falls divide China and Vietnam making them the second largest transnational waterfall in the world. It’s possible to swim in the large pool beneath De Tian and take a bamboo raft into the spray near its base.

Other areas of natural beauty include Mt Daming and Mt Qingxiu, which is part of the Qingxiu mountain range made up of 18 peaks. On the top of Mt Qingxiu is the famous pagoda, Longxiang Tower, where the views of Nanning and the surrounding ranges are spectacular.

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