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Cuba tours currently discontinued

Unfortunately we're not currently running tours to Cuba as in the last few years demand for services outweighs supply and we're unable to secure hotels for our group tours. Operating tours in Cuba presents unique challenges with recent news reports suggesting that Cuba may not have enough hotels developed to cater for current visitor numbers until 2030. In the long term we can only anticipate massive hotel price increases and availability issues so we have made the decision to temporarily cease tours to Cuba.

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However, while you're here, feel free to browse through our recent travel articles, recommended places to visit, or our travel guide pages loaded with useful information about this fascinating country to help you plan your visit.

Rich in culture yet economically poor, the island of Cuba is a beguiling mix of lavish colonial architecture, fascinating history and revolutionary chic. It’s the largest island of the Caribbean and also its most diverse, with a multitude of faiths and ethnic backgrounds - a diversity which is reflected in the country’s vibrant culture, arts and music. Due to its political isolation, Cuba still remains largely undiscovered, retains a unique local charm and truly authentic feel.

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Cuba is fast growing in popularity as a travel destination with charming colonial cities, gorgeous Caribbean beaches, picturesque valleys of plantations and a sensual culture to boot. Here's some of our top spots in Cuba.

Havana street scene - Recommended Places
Time-warped capital


With 1950s American vintage cars ambling along streets lined with crumbling colonial buildings painted in bubblegum shades, it's easy to fall in love with Cuba's seductive capital. From swashbuckling pirates to audacious revolutionaries, Havana's history can be felt at every turn with a kaleidoscope of people and indefinable spirit that can amaze and confound in equal measure.

Valle de Vinales - Recommended Places
Dramatic limestone scenery

Valle de Vinales

Situated within the Sierra de los Organos mountain range and characterised by unusual limestone hillocks that rise above the region's famed tobacco plantations, the Valle de Vinales is Cuba's premier natural attraction. Vast caverns form an underground network of stalagmites, stalactites and subterranean pools while above ground visitors will find excellent hiking, biking and horse-riding opportunities.

Colonial charm


One of Cuba's most enchanting destinations, the UNESCO-listed town of Trinidad is a perfectly preserved example of a Spanish colonial town with cobbled streets, grand pastel-coloured mansions and houses with red-tiled roofs. Weathered town folk amble along the streets in horse-drawn carts and a short distance from town you'll find pristine beaches to the south and the lush Sierra del Escambray to the north.

Camaguey street - Recommended Places
Historic maze of streets


Often referred to as Cuba's 'city of churches', Camaguey displays an impressive collection of churches dating back as early as the 16th century with an equally splendid selection of fine colonial houses and plazas. Designed to confuse marauding pirates, the layout of the city is a labyrinthine web of streets and narrow alleys, the perfect place to literally lose yourself for a day or two.

Cienfuegos - Recommended Places
Pearl of the South


As the only city in Cuba to have been founded by the French, Cienfuegos has a unique charm that blends European elegance with a flourish of Caribbean spirit. Enjoying an attractive waterside setting on a natural bay, the city has its fair share of architectural delights with fine palaces, candy-coloured houses and an imposing fortress, a fact that earned Cienfuegos UNESCO status in 2005.

Cuba Travel Guide

Ensure you're properly prepared for your trip to Cuba with our practical guide on everything to visas to weather.

The Capitol Building | Havana | Cuba

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Did you know...?

Facts about Cuba

  • Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean and includes more than 4,000 islands and cays.
  • There are no animals or plants in Cuba that are poisonous or lethal to humans.
  • Christmas was dropped as a holiday in 1969, when the Cuban government was pushing for a record sugar harvest.

Cuba Travel Advice:

We keep abreast of the latest travel advice to Cuba and follow advice as set out by the British Foreign Office. Safety of our travellers is paramount and we recommend that you check the latest travel updates from the relevant advisory body in your country.

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