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Updated: 13th March 2019


With a warm and bright climate throughout the year the average temperature in Cuba ranges between 20ºC and 35ºC, meaning whenever you go you are bound to find some sunshine. Generally speaking, Cuba has two distinct seasons which can affect the weather patterns.

The wet season in Cuba runs from May to October when the country is at its hottest and humidity is high. There are occasional bursts of showers throughout the week, which often dry up quickly to reveal clear skies. Temperatures reach their peak in July and August with tropical storms and hurricanes more prevalent in September and October, although they’re unlikely to affect your holiday. The dry season lasts from November to April with slightly cooler, more pleasant temperatures and clear skies. During this season, which is often referred to by locals as ‘winter’, evenings can be chillier although they usually remain above 10ºC.

The east of Cuba enjoys warmer weather than the west – particularly Trinidad and Sancti Spiritus, and the variations of temperature between the day and the night are less accentuated in the coastal regions than inland.

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Climate | Havana

Temp Min °C181819212223242424232119
Temp Max °C262627293031323231292726
Rainfall (mm)714646581191651251351501737958

Climate | Santiago de Cuba

Temp Min °C202021222324252524242321
Temp Max °C303030313233333333323131
Rainfall (mm)272141381054444811231367623

Festivals and Events

Whether it's celebrating Afro-Caribbean culture or bringing together the best of Latin-American film and music, Cuba has an impressive schedule of festivals, carnivals and events throughout the year. Here's our pick of the best.

Festival del Habano (Cuban Cigar Festival)

Attracting cigar aficionados from all over the world, this commercialized festival promotes Cuban cigars with factory and tobacco plantation visits, a trade fair, seminars and workshops, and various tasting opportunities.

Havana International Guitar Festival

This biennial event sees some of the guitarists from around the world gather in the capital to play a variety of genres to crowds of passionate music fans. Held in venues across the city, the festival concludes with a large gala concert.

Bienal de La Habana

One of Latin America's premier art events, every three years the work of artists from all over the continent, the Caribbean, Africa and Middle East is displayed in galleries and museums across Havana. Each show has a different theme with artists working in a variety of mediums.

International Workers’ Day

Events take place around the world on May 1st but in Cuban it's a chance to celebrate national pride with parades through the Plaza de la Revolucion in Havana where thousands of people attend to wave banners and listen to the president's annual speech.

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Camagüey Carnival

This week-long carnival in the provincial town of Camaguey is one of the oldest festivals in Cuba with congas and floats filling the streets and performers dressed in frilled costumes. An exuberant atmosphere is enhanced with disco lights, the beat of drums and clap cymbals.

Fiesta del Caribe

Taking place in the city of Santiago de Cuba early July each year, this vibrant festival celebrates Caribbean culture with lively music and dance performances, Afro-Cuban religious processions, and colourful parades. Free outdoor and indoor concerts are held in various venues across the city. A week or so later the Carnaval de Santiago de Cuba takes place with even more parades, salsa bands and late-night parties.

Festival de Matamoros Son

Held in Santiago de Cuba in the second half of October this festival is the best chance to experience traditional forms of Cuban music with musicians from across the country performing in concerts across the city alongside dance performances and workshops.

Festival Internacional del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano

One of Latin America's premier film festival this ten-day festival celebrates the latest and best Cuban, Latin American and Western films with screenings held in a number of cinemas across Havana. Feature films, short films, documentaries and animation are all on offer.

Havana International Jazz Festival

Jazz musicians and fans from across the globe come to Havana in December to share the stage and watch Cuba's best jazz talents with late night jams and parties adding to the appeal.

Parrandas de Remedios

This exuberant carnival-esque event takes place on Christmas Eve in the city of Remedios with an all-night celebration. Colourful floats make their way through the streets with firework displays and dancing competitions.

2019 Calendar

To help decide when best to visit Cuba here's an overview calendar of our selection of top festivals and events in 2019:

February 18th-22nd - Festival del Habano (Havana)
May 1st - International Worker's Day (countrywide)
June 24th-29th - Camaguey Carnival (Camaguey)
July 3rd-9th - Fiesta del Caribe (Santiago de Cuba)
July 18th-27th - Santiago de Cuba Carnival (Santiago de Cuba)
December 5th-15th - Festival Internacional del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano (Havana)
December 13th-21st - Havana Jazz Festival (Havana)
December 16th-26th - Parrandas de Remedios (Remedios)

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