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Here are some reviews from our past travellers to Egypt. For more details on each tour, simply click on the tour image.

I cannot recommend the on the go egypt tours enough. As a travel destination Egypt is exciting, interesting and inspirational- people were friendly and I felt safe the whole time and would happily go back.

The tour was organized, efficient and while offering autonomy to do your on thing [could make decisions to stay at sites longer] the itinerary (and guides) made you not want to miss any of the group activities.

Finally our guide Momo deserves an award as best guide next year 2019. Hard working, organized, intelligent, kind and understanding- he has clear passion about his job and has had significant influence on our tour group 'family'. I have traveled with many guides - South America, Africa, Asia and now the middle east -he has no equal. ”  

Jikol Friend • Submitted 26 Nov 2018
Pyramids, Petra, Promised Land
18 days Day | Group Tours

Where do I even start? I didn't know what I was going to expect on this tour, but let me say that I have been completely blown away. This tour has got to have been the most incredible adventure I have been on, and On The Go Tours made sure it was memorable for all the right reasons. They take extremely good care of their clients, starting from someone meeting you at the airport to bypass immigration in a flash, and there is someone with you until you have passed through the airport at the end. Egypt as a country is absolutely incredible, and On The Go Tours made sure we were looked after in the highest standards, be it the comfortable 4/5 star hotels and resorts we stayed in, and mainly by our fantastic guide Momo. Momo on his own made the Tour memorable and fun. His knowledge of Egypt thorough and he made sure that it was fun, interactive and easy to remember for everyone In the group. I don't know how he gets his energy to continuously be energetic, making sure we all are alright at the same time. Being part of a guided tour group made it really easy to move around, and brought a huge element of convenience to traveling here. At the hotels your check In is done by OTG, luggage carried to your room. At the tombs, museums and sites, your tickets are organised and handed to you as you arrive. All transport is comfortable between the hotels and all sites. In terms of the transport, I sailed on the Nile River on the traditional felucca, and am I really glad that I did! Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a high standard of comfort, and I would have been a lot more comfortable on the Nile cruise upgrade with a bed and ensuite bathroom, but I have no regrets going in the felucca, as the experience was that much better. We were very comfortable sleeping on the cushions and pillows at night (under the stars I might add) and during the day, we spent it sailing, tanning on the deck and getting to know the fellow travellers. as a result of this, I now have lifelong friendships with them, and I don't think we would have bonded so easily otherwise. The felucca also gave us extra opportunities such as swimming in the Nile River, and visiting the house of a Nubian family, and more, things we would have missed otherwise.

I am now back at home, filled with knowledge of ancient (and modern) Egypt, a handful of great new friends, and the desire to go on another adventure and learn more about our world. On The Go Tours made this such an incredible journey, that it will be very difficult to even consider traveling with anyone else.

Thank you!”  

Lee • Submitted 23 Nov 2018
Camel man and Pyramids of Giza - Egypt Tours - On The Go Tours
King Tutankhamun
9 days Day | Group Tours

Our Egyptian trip was excellent MoMo United us as a 'family' and even though some people were travelling on their own, while others were already a family or friend group we all worked well together and looked after each other. MoMo was very informative and engaged us in the history of Egypt making in come alive for us. He balanced our days with historical sites, allowed time for shopping, guided us to best shops and informed us on sensible pricing. Then evenings he always offered to accompany us to a local eating place so that we got local crusine and atmosphere. He made us laugh and he exposed us to the charm and delights of Egypt.

The organisation of the trip was efficient. We were met at the airport and guided through.

The cruise down the Nile was beautiful and completed a life dream for me.

Thank you On The Go and big thank you to MoMo who was so fun, informative and helpful

Dianne New Zealand ”  

Dianne Squire • Submitted 20 Nov 2018
Valley Of The Kings - Egypt Tours - On The Go Tours
Road to Jordan
15 days Day | Group Tours