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Here are some reviews from our past travellers to Egypt. For more details on each tour, simply click on the tour image.

The tour was great. It was busy, but there wasn't anything that we would have wanted to miss out! The hotels were all of good quality, comfortable and in good locations.

Helal was a great guide and was not only knowledge and generous with his time, but tirelessly patient with the children. He took us to some really interesting local restaurants and really helped with tired children. His pitch for explaining the complexity of the ancient relationships and timelines was perfect, enough information for adults and quirky stories for the children.

We were also happy to have the change to flights as I think it probably worked for us better than the overnight trains would have.

I would highly recommend the tour and especially Helal to anyone thinking about visiting Egypt.”  

Caroline Sparke • Submitted 12 Nov 2014
Man walking into Nefertari Temple - Egypt Tours - On The Go Tours
Classic Family Adventure
10 Days Day | Family Holidays

Momo was absolutely amazing. His knowledge and passion for the history and myths surrounding the Ancient Egyptians was simply fantastic. He was also a great laugh, proffesional and generally a nice guy to be around. As I said in previous feedback he is a credit to his country and On the Go. ”  

Theo Porter • Submitted 11 Nov 2014
King Tutankhamun
9 days Day | Group Tours

The tour guide was excellent, his level of knowledge in relation to the antiquities was exemplary additional his local knowledge in each location visited meant that he was able to give us great background knowledge.

The tour was well laid out giving enough time for both relaxation and activity, the food served included was great and places we were taken for non inclusive meals were amazing particularly on our way to the stepped pyramid. ”  

Deirdre Connolly • Submitted 11 Nov 2014
Cruise ship on the Nile - Egypt Tours - On The Go Tours
Jewel of the Nile
10 days Day | Group Tours