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About Beni-Hassan & Tuna Al-Gebel

Beni-Hassan is a village on the east bank of the Nile, about 25 km south of Minya, on the east bank of the Nile, with remarkable catacombs that have been excavated. During the Middle Kingdom, it was the centre of the cult of Pakhet.

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There are 39 ancient tombs here of Middle Kingdom monarchs, carved into a limestone cliff, all varying sizes.Most of the tombs have a similar layout, with a carved entrance, and then a large (usually pillared) room containing the painted decoration and burial shafts. They are famous for the quality of their paintings, and show the arrival of large numbers of Asiatics into the region.

Tuna Al-Gebel was a necropolis of Hermopolis and consists of stelae (stone or wooden slab erected for funeral or commemorative purposes), catacombs and tombs. The catacombs originally were filled with thousands of mummified baboons and ibises but only one complete baboon was ever found, due to the destruction caused by robbers over the years.

The Tomb of Petosiris has paintings showing a mix of Greek and Egyptian cultures – an Egyptian farm scene but with the figures all wearing Greek dress. Behind the tomb is a small building with the mummy of Isadora, who drowned in the Nile in 150AD. The mummy is extremely well preserved, with fingernails, hair and teeth being clearly visible.

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