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Simply constructed, feluccas are traditional sailboats that have been navigating the Nile for centuries. Our feluccas usually depart from Aswan and sail along to Edfu (south of Luxor), although sometimes we reverse the route and sail the other way. From the boat guests can immerse themselves in the sights and sounds of Nile village life. Dining is included in the tour and meals are prepared and served on board the boat. Daily life on the felucca includes topping up your tan, relaxing in the shade of a canopy or watching the sun set and the stars emerge.

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A 2-night cruise is also available and sets sail in the afternoon from Aswan, heading North. The western shores of the Nile will be our resting ground on the first overnight stop and guests will have the option to take the evening to explore a local Nubian house and enjoy a campfire. The following day will be a leisurely one as we wind our way along the way to Kom Ombo Temple where we will drop anchor for the night. Day three will provide time for our guests to check out this holy site before we hop on a coach and head for Luxor, stopping at Edfu and the Temple of Horus en route.

Please be aware that feluccas are wind-powered, thus it is impossible to guarantee our itinerary to the letter. There are also no WC facilities on the boat so bear that in mind. Furthermore, the felucca only sails during the day and is moored at sundown where it remains stationary throughout the night. Roughly 8-12 people will fit in the boat and the main deck is kitted out with plush cushions for the ultimate comfort experience. A canopy has been installed as well, offering some respite from the fierce Egyptian heat. Please ensure you bring your own sleeping bag.

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Our Category: Simple   |   Regional Category: 3 star cruise boat

Feluccas are simple, traditional Egyptian sailboats that have plied the Nile since ancient times. Feluccas carry between 8 - 12 passengers comfortably. The boat’s deck is draped with soft colourful cushions that serve as your lounging area during the day and as your sleeping area at night. A support boat travels alongside your felucca and is on hand if you need to use the toilet or wash. It is also where your meals are prepared and eaten. You'll need to bring a sleeping bag/sheet and a towel with you. The crew, as well as being experienced sailors, are responsible for the preparation of the included meals.

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