Estonia tours in 2018

Explore the enchanting UNESCO-listed old town of Tallinn in Estonia

Start an overland journey across Eastern Europe from the charming old town of Tallinn where medieval meets modern on our 2018 tours to Estonia. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Tallinn offers plenty of enchanting monuments to discover from attractive churches to baroque palaces. With our range of itineraries you can travel from Tallinn south to Warsaw, Prague or Budapest via a number of equally fascinating countries or combine with a trip to St Petersburg in Russia.

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Estonia Group Tours 2018

Vilnius | Lithuania | Eastern Europe

Baltic Explorer - 7 Days

Found 7 departure dates for 2018

This whistle-stop tour of the Baltic capitals captures the history of this less discovered corner of Europe. In a week you will wander the old towns of each of these capitals arriving in Warsaw where the city has risen out of the ashes to become a modern metropolis.

Upcoming 2018 Dates
15th Apr 2018
USD $ 1035
13th May 2018
USD $ 1075
10th Jun 2018
USD $ 1125
Bridges in Prague, Czech Republic

Estonia to Prague - 13 Days

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On this short tour you will get to visit the historic old towns of five distinct Eastern-European capitals. Many being so well preserved, there are countless cathedrals, marketplaces, plazas and cobbled streets to be explored and European charm in abundance. You will also explore the harrowing but historically-significant Auschwitz concentration camp.

Upcoming 2018 Dates
30th Mar 2018
USD $ 1865
15th Apr 2018
USD $ 1865
27th Apr 2018
USD $ 1935
The Danube River and the Hungarian Parliament in Budapest, Hungary

Eastern Europe Explorer - 17 Days

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Just to the west of Russia the three former Soviet states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania offer an exciting, off-the-beaten track travel experience. Beginning the tour in Tallinn, with its Unesco-listed Old Town, gothic churches, medieval castles and palaces, we continue to Riga, famous for its Art Nouveau architecture and vibrant nightlife scene. Then experience the romantic city of Vilnius, with its fine food, postcard-perfect historic centre and art galleries heading South, in to Poland and the Czech Republic, stopping at some iconic capital cities.

Upcoming 2018 Dates
30th Mar 2018
USD $ 2595
27th Apr 2018
USD $ 2735
25th May 2018
USD $ 2845