The majestic Bangalore palace in Bangalore

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Capital of the state of Karnataka, Bangalore is a thriving, progressive and liberal city dubbed the ‘Silicon Valley’ or ‘IT’ capital of India. Many trade fairs and exhibitions are held in the city, throughout the year, where the latest in information technology is displayed. Despite its nod towards modernity and the 21st century, Bangalore is all the same a very interesting city. With its mix of sky scrapers, old architecture and large, open green spaces, Bangalore is a fascinating blend of antiquity and modernity and a must for anyone travelling through India.

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The British moved their regional administration headquarters from Srirangapatnam to Bangalore in 1831. From this point, the town of Bangalore began to take on the familiar ordered look of a British cantonment. Today, the legacy of Bangalore’s British past is apparent. Many municipal buildings and gardens are from the Raj-era. Cubbon Park and Gardens is one of the main ‘lungs’ of the city. Lalbagh Botanical Gardens, a pleasant 96 hectare park laid out in the 19th century contains many labelled trees that are perhaps centuries old, one of India’s largest collections of rare tropical and sub-tropical plants and a glasshouse modelled on London’s Crystal Palace.

Tipu’s Summer Palace is a two-storey structure, almost exclusively constructed with teak, that was built in 1791. Floral motifs decorate the walls and contribute to grandeur of the building. On Bugle Hill, at the southern end of Bull Temple Road is the Bull Temple. The Bull Temple is one of Bangalore’s oldest temples and is devoted to the Hindu demi-God known as Nandi, who was a strong worshipper of Shiva. Further sites of interest can be discovered by wandering through the city.