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Covelong is a quaint little fishing village situated on the East coast of India on the Bay of Bengal 40 kilometres from Chennai. It is a picturesque and tranquil escape, its beautiful beach offers plenty of opportunity for water sports, wind surfing and swimming just to mention a couple and the surrounding area allows for plenty of exploration, however most people travel to Covelong for a rest and relaxation. Covelong is dotted with historical monuments, churches, forts and mosques. A must see is the ancient Catholic Church. Due to the solitude of Covelong it is a great, peaceful getaway not yet too overrun with tourists.

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This same beach has witnessed some historical moments, Sadaat Ali; the Nawab of Carnatic was the first to build a port in the area in 1746. The port then developed strategic importance and was subjected to several attacks and was eventually captured by the French under the command of General Labudonnais, the French troops were then soon ejected by the British General Clive also known as Clive of India who helped establish the East India Company.

Nineteen kilometres from Covelong is the town of Mahabalipuram where some magnificent and unique 7th Century temples dot the shoreline, also located nearby is a fully functioning reptile farm where you can get up close and personal with these majestic reptiles. Definitely worth of a visit.

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