Perfect white sandy beach in the Lakshadweep Islands

The Lakshadweep Islands

About Lakshadweep Islands

Blissfully undeveloped and brimming with breathtaking natural beauty, the Lakshadweep Islands are some of India's most exquisite unsung heroes. The landscape here is made up of pristine white powder beaches and a sea that is an impossibly beautiful shade of turquoise and that calmly tickles the shorelines under the supervision of the blazing Indian sunshine. With just a handful of hotels on the few islands that allow foreign travellers, and those hotels having a maximum capacity of around 50, there is no better place to escape the crowds. This is the ultimate getaway for those seeking some tranquility.

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Located 300km from the shore of Kerala and challenging to access, the 36 islands that make up this archipelago reward their visitors with some of the most spectacular diving in the country. Thousands of square kilometres of untouched coral reef, filled with tropical fish of every size and colour lie in wait for snorkel-toting explorers. Both diving and snorkelling allow visitors to get up close and personal with the marine life here without the distraction of having to share your space with other people.

Given the size of the islands (Kadmat, the most popular, is 550m wide at its longest stretch), it isn't surprising that most of the action going on here revolves around the surrounding water. In addition to diving, visitors to the region can partake in a whole host of other activities such as deep sea fishing, water skiing and kayaking. Boat tours to some of the more remote islands are also available and give guests the chance to witness some of the rugged beauty of that isolated wilderness.

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Here are some of the recent tailor made itineraries we have created for our clients which include a visit to Lakshadweep Islands.

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