Baz Bahadur's Palace courtyard in Mandu. Photo credit varunshiv.

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About Mandu

Famed for its exquisite examples of Afghan architecture, the mountain village of Mandu is located among the Vindhya Ranges in the state of Madhya Pradesh. Surrounded by forests overlooking a hazy plain, Mandu has over 40 historic monuments with a site of ruins measuring 10 kilometres long and 15 kilometres wide.

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The Baz Bahadur fort palace is Mandu's most iconic structure. Built in the early 16th century, the palace features spacious courtyards, halls with high terraces and sits in gorgeous natural scenery of rolling hills and lush vegetation. The best views of the palace can be found at Roopmati's Pavilion, a graceful sandstone structure that was once an army observation post.

Another popular site is Jahaz Mahal, a magnificent double-storied palace built between two lakes. The palace is said to resemble a ship, especially in the wet season when the rising water levels flood the lakes.

Hoshang Shah's Tomb holds many accolades - not only is it India's first marble structure but it is also one of the best examples of Afghan architecture in the country. A grand doorway with exquisite decoration marks the entrance and though the interior of the tomb is mostly quite plain, there are a number of ornamental mouldings made from blue enamel.

Mandu is encircled by 45km parapets of walls that are punctuated with 12 gateways.

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