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The Famous Mudumalai (Masinagudi) wild life Sanctuary is situated lies between Kerala and Karnataka states. It has thickly wooded hills, plateaus, deep valleys, waterfalls, rivers, marshes and streams.

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There is a rich diversity of flora and fauna, with the most abundant fauna being Indian elephants. Also within the sanctuary are gaur, banner, macaque, common langur, tigers, leopards, chital, panthers, sloth bear, python, barking deer, four horned antelope, otter, crocodiles (Mugger), giant flying squirrel, sambar, hyena, wild dog, wild boar, mouse deer, spotted deer, jackal, hare, porcupine and mongoose.

The sanctuary has tropical moist deciduous, tropical dry deciduous and southern tropical dry thorn forests. In addition there are patches of tropical semi ever green forest, a riparian forest that is evergreen and even has 2 types of bamboo, wild rice, wild ginger, turmeric and cinnamon growing freely.

The birds are particularly varied and exotic, due to an immediate change in elevation of 3500 feet that provides a variety of climatic conditions, which appeal to over 320 species of birds. The sholas and jungles provide perfect habitat for them all year round.

Several of the thick mountain forest ranges are perfect for trekking. Well maintained paths created over 5000 kilometres of trails crisscrossing the mountain ranges, with moderate uphill walks culminating in beautiful views.

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