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Filled with ancient buildings, casting long and imposing shadows across the land, Orchha is a historical village that has maintained a strong cultural identity and is representative of what the Mughal Empire once was. The town was founded in 1531 by Rudra Pratap Singh and it sits on the banks of the Betwa River, which splits in to 7 channels in this precise location. With its faded grandeur and sleepy atmosphere, Orchha is a beautiful destination for anyone who wants a change of scenery, some time to relax and to travel back in time to when legend and mystery pervaded every corner of life.

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One of the most prominent structures in Orchha is the eponymous Orchha Fort. It houses numerous temples and palaces including the impressive Raj Mahal and Rai Parveen Mahal. While some of the buildings within show notable signs of wear and tear, the exquisiteness of them is just as overpowering as it must have been when they were first constructed. The Jhansi Fort is slightly smaller yet equally worth visiting, if only for the fascinating museum located in its interior.

One of Orchha's most popular destinations if the Orchha Wildlife Sanctuary. Established in 1994, it stretches over a mere 46 sq km and yet it is home to a wonderful selection of animals including tigers, leopards, monkeys, sloths and jackals. For those more interested in our airborne friends, this park is a haven for bird watchers as it boasts over 200 different species of permanent and migratory birds such as kingfishers, geese, woodpeckers and owls.

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Orchha Hotels

If you are planning a Orchha holiday, have a look at some of the accommodation that we recommend. 'Our Rating' indicates how we feel each property rates according to normal Western hotel standards. 'Local Rating' indicates how the property is categorised/rated locally:

Amar Mahal Orchha

Our Category: Standard   |   Regional Category: Standard Heritage

Built in the traditional heritage style, the Amar Mahal enjoys panoramic views of the surrounding hills. Each room is filled with rich, regal furnishings and benefits from the cool breeze of an air conditioning unit. To ensure that guests have the best stay possible, the hotel also has a pool, spa and wellness centre. The nearest airport is Gwalior, located 125km away while the Kajuraho airport is 172km away. The nearest railway station is Jhansi, situated at a distance of 25km from the hotel.

Raj Mahal Orchha

Our Category: Standard   |   Regional Category: Standard Heritage

Recently built, the Raj Mahal is an oasis of elegance and luxury offering high standards of facilities to all its guests. Guest rooms are simply furnished with classic Indian four poster beds. There is an outdoor pool to relax in and the onsite restaurant, Rajsi Bhoj comes with excellent reviews. Why not take a walk along the riverside and see how many different birds you can spot? The accommodation is located a short drive from central Orchha, close to the Betwa River.

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