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As an India specialist, we've got plenty to satisfy your travel bug on our wide selection of tours to India featuring India's best places - learn about India's fascinating history, visit spectacular monuments and forts, see the tribute to love that is the majestic Taj Mahal, experience the hustle and bustle of iconic cities in Delhi - both old and new, and Mumbai, spot the elusive Bengal tiger in India's national parks, cruise along the backwaters of Kerala and witness the sunrise over the holy Ganges in Varanasi.

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Top India Travel Deals and Upcoming Tours

Trip NameStartsDepartingFrom USDDealMap
Shere Khan - 9 days Delhi 14 Jan 2017 USD $1,588 was $1,985 20% off Shere Khan - 9 days Map
Taj Traveller - 8 days Delhi 21 Jan 2017 USD $1,300 was $1,625 20% off Taj Traveller - 8 days Map
Pushkar Camel Fair - 9 days Delhi 05 Nov 2016 USD $2,070 was $2,435 15% off Pushkar Camel Fair - 9 days Map
Passage to India - 15 days Delhi 28 Jan 2017 USD $2,571 was $3,025 15% off Passage to India - 15 days Map
Captivating Kerala - 7 days Kochi 01 Apr 2017 USD $1,305 was $1,535 15% off Captivating Kerala - 7 days Map

India Group Tours

Captivating Kerala

7 days | FROM USD $1,535

Uncover the delights of tropical Kerala in India's deep south. Visit a...

Taj Express

8 days | FROM USD $1,485

Experience the richness of Indian culture on this classic tour of Kick...

Taj Traveller

8 days | FROM USD $1,485

Discover the spectacular sights of India's famed Golden Triangle both...

Local family | IndiaExciting Days, Comfortable Nights

India For Teens

8 days | FROM USD $1,485

FAMILY TOUR TO INDIA (for children aged 12 years and above): the of on...

Shere Khan

9 days | FROM USD $1,795

Go in search of the elusive Bengal tiger in Ranthambore National Park,...

Lake Palace | Udaipur | IndiaExciting Days, Comfortable Nights

A Taj Showcase

9 days | FROM USD $5,615

PREMIUM TOUR: Explore the famous Golden Triangle while staying in the...

Walking up to Amber Fort in Jaipur - IndiaExciting Days, Comfortable Nights

Best Exotic Marigold Tour

10 days | FROM USD $2,595

'There's always room in India', so join us for a thrilling adventure a...

Shimla | IndiaExciting Days, Comfortable Nights

Taj and Raj

11 Days | FROM USD $1,785

Discover the lofty peaks and breathtaking views of Shimla, India's and...

The Ganges | Varanasi | IndiaExciting Days, Comfortable Nights

Deserts Palaces Ganges

13 days | FROM USD $2,695

Explore Delhi, both old and new, tour the legendary Taj Mahal in Agra...

Rice boat in Kerala | IndiaExciting Days, Comfortable Nights

Golden Triangle & Kerala

14 days | FROM USD $3,155

Uncover the delights of India’s famed Golden Triangle - Delhi, and a...

Beautiful beach | Goa | IndiaExciting Days, Comfortable Nights

Golden Triangle & Goa

14 Days | FROM USD $3,155

The perfect holiday cocktail! Starting off with the sites of India's a...

Passage to India

15 days | FROM USD $2,885

Embark on a colourful journey through remarkable Rajasthan. Explore of...

Local family | IndiaExciting Days, Comfortable Nights

Railways of the Raj

15 days | FROM USD $3,965

Journey across this diverse country by train; Kolkata to the majestic...

Polonnaruwa | Sri LankaExciting Days, Comfortable Nights

Delhi to Colombo

15 days | FROM USD $2,975

Combine the incredible sites of India's Golden Triangle with Sri cool...

Durbar Square in Bhaktapur | NepalExciting Days, Comfortable Nights

Highway to Himalayas

18 Days | FROM USD $3,595

Combining an intoxicating mix of culture, incredible wildlife, sights...

Orchha Palace | Orchha | IndiaExciting Days, Comfortable Nights

Delhi to Darjeeling

18 Days | FROM USD $4,055

Taking in all the very best of India; Delhi, Jaipur, the Taj Mahal, of...

The sites of India’s Golden Triangle - Delhi, Agra and Jaipur - form the base of all our trips with each individual tour offering something unique from the desert towns of Rajasthan, friendly rural villages and holy rivers to breathtaking hill stations, lush backwaters and tropical beaches. Escorted by qualified English-speaking local guides, we include airport arrival and departure transfers, all of your transportation, and accommodation in locally-owned 3-4 star hotels and heritage properties where you will be sure to enjoy India's warm hospitality. read more

Our average group size in India is 15–20 travellers and you'll be guided throughout by a local tour leader, subject to a minimum of 6 in the group. We kick off with a Namaste Welcome Dinner in Delhi, where you get to meet your travelling companions over a traditional Indian meal before you all head off on your adventures! What makes our guided group tours unique?

India Festival Tours

Diwali Festival of Light | IndiaExciting Days, Comfortable Nights

Diwali, Festival of Lights

8 days | FROM USD $1,695

Every year on the dark nights of Diwali firecrackers announce the of a...

Join the festivities of Holi on a special tour in IndiaExciting Days, Comfortable Nights

Holi, Festival of Colour

8 days | FROM USD $1,695

Combine a tour of the famous Golden Triangle with the exuberant of - a...

Pushkar Camel Fair

9 days | FROM USD $2,435

See the sights of the famed Golden Triangle before joining the of the...

Time your visit with one of India's lively festivals and completely immerse yourself in the local celebrations. We have a selection of special itineraries that coincide with some of the country’s most popular festivals offering an authentic experience that is truly unique to India. Travel into the heart of the Thar Desert for the spectacular Pushkar Camel Fair, join us for colourful Holi – India’s most dazzling celebration, watch fireworks fill the dark nights of Diwali - India’s favourite festival; or witness the ancient rituals of the Himalayan festivals in Ladakh and Leh. read more

Celebrate Holi in India: The colourful festival of Holi is celebrated to mark the triumph of good over evil brought about by the burning and destruction of the demoness named Holika in Hindu tradition. Held on the day after the full moon in March each year, the festival also marks the end of winter and the abundance of the upcoming spring harvest season. Named the 'festival of colour', people throughout India throw coloured water at one another and get thoroughly drenched, ending up resembling a walking rainbow. Other rituals are also held over this festive period including large bonfires and special pujas where people sing and dance. It's a wonderful time to visit India with locals and visitors in a carefree and cheeky mood.

India Private Tours

The backwaters | Kerala | IndiaTailored To Suit You

Classic Kerala

9 Days | FROM USD $2,545

Combining historic Kochi, the hill station of Munnar and a houseboat -...

The Taj Mahal | Agra | IndiaTailored To Suit You

Golden Triangle of India

9 days | FROM USD $2,195

Coined as 'golden' for the extraordinary wealth of cultural & Delhi, &...

Local tribespeople | Orissa | IndiaTailored To Suit You

Adventures in Assam

10 days | FROM USD $5,595

Travel off the beaten track to the state of Assam in India's remote On...

Marigold Hotel | IndiaTailored To Suit You

Jewel in the Crown

11 days | FROM USD $4,245

Head out on a journey to some of India’s finest sights. Take in the...

Konark Sun Temple | Odisha | IndiaTailored To Suit You

Explore Orissa

10 Days | FROM USD $3,495

Commencing in Kolkata, we journey south to Bhubaneshwar, home to more...

Local musician | IndiaTailored To Suit You

Legends of the Rajputs

11 days | FROM USD $5,175

Delight your senses in colourful Rajasthan on this classical itinerary...

Temple in Kolkata | IndiaTailored To Suit You

Kolkata to Darjeeling

11 days | FROM USD $4,745

From bustling Kolkata, India’s vibrant capital of culture, to the of...

Gateway of India | Mumbai | India Tailored To Suit You

Aboard the Deccan Odyssey

10 days | FROM USD $8,985

Journey through the state of Maharashtra aboard the Deccan Odyssey, an...

Naga Warriors | Nagaland | India | Photo courtesy: Rajkumar 1220Tailored To Suit You

Tribes Of Nagaland

14 days | FROM USD $5,665

Embark on a captivating journey of discovery through Nagaland - state ...

A photo of Gandhi chatting with NehruTailored To Suit You

Footsteps of Gandhi

14 days | FROM USD $6,095

Commencing in Mumbai and travelling through the historical state of -...

Tea plantation | Kerala | IndiaTailored To Suit You

Beautiful South

14 days | FROM USD $4,075

Chennai, Pondicherry and Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary. Kochi, colonial a...

Wildlife spotting | Kerala | IndiaTailored To Suit You

Great Southern Getaway

15 days | FROM USD $6,475

Discover exotic stone carved temples, princely palaces and colonial a...

Buddhist Monastery of Tikse | Leh and Ladakh | IndiaTailored To Suit You

Hills and High Places

16 days | FROM USD $5,065

From the Golden Sikh Temple in Amritsar, journey north to the home of...

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If you're looking to get off the beaten track with the services of your own private guide, consider one of our unique private itineraries. Enjoy Kashmir from a houseboat, discover the fascinating culture of headhunting tribes in the north-east, ride in comfort on India's luxury trains, follow in the footsteps of Gandhi, or enjoy a Hollywood-inspired jaunt with our exclusive Best Exotic Marigold Tour. Should you wish to visit parts of India that we have not covered, we'll be happy to organise this for you too.

India Wildlife Tours

Grazing rhino | Kaziranga National Park | IndiaTailored To Suit You

Kaziranga NP

4 days | FROM USD $2,675

Situated in Assam on the banks of the mighty Brahmaputra River, with...

Elephant safari | Corbett National Park | IndiaTailored To Suit You

Corbett National Park

4 days | FROM USD $1,625

Backing onto the forest-covered slopes of the Himalayan foothills, is...

Tiger tracking | Panna National Park | IndiaTailored To Suit You

Ranthambhore NP

4 days | FROM USD $1,595

Ranthambhore National Park is one of India’s most scenic parks and a...

Tiger tracking | IndiaTailored To Suit You

Tiger Trail

9 days | FROM USD $3,995

Follow the tiger trail and enter two of India’s premier tiger - Park...

Wildlife spotting | Ranthambhore National Park | IndiaTailored To Suit You

Ranthambhore to Kanha

15 days | FROM USD $8,245

Where the wild things are! Ranthambhore, Bharatpur, Bandhavgarh and in...

Bird watching | IndiaTailored To Suit You

Birds Eye View

12 days | FROM USD $6,975

Looking skyward, Keoladeo National Park teems with thousands of birds...

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India is home to some of the finest national parks on the planet for spotting deer, leopard, langur, wild boar, rhino, elephant, buffalo and of course, the elusive Bengal tiger. Top picks include Ranthambhore, Kanha and Corbett, where there's a good chance of spotting tiger. There are very few places where this rare and enigmatic big cat can still be glimpsed in the wild and India has the highest density of tigers in the world. And for something unique, consider Kaziranga - home to the rare one-horned Indian rhino. read more

Travel Operators for Tigers (TOFT): As members of TOFT, we pledge a USD$30 contribution to TOFT for every traveller that visits a tiger reserve in India with us. TOFT have set up a Practices Under Guidelines (PUG) certification recognising lodges that follow best practice and meet higher ecological and ethical standards. We support PUG graded lodges and will be happy to recommend ones based on their PUG gradings.

India Day Tours

The Taj Mahal | Agra | IndiaTailored To Suit You

Delhi: Essential Taj

1 Day | FROM USD $305

Explore the legendary sights of Agra, from the imposing Red Fort on of...

Gateway of India | Mumbai | IndiaTailored To Suit You

Mumbai: Dreams & Extremes

1 Day | FROM USD $310

One of the most populated cities in the world, Mumbai is glaring in at...

Chowmahalla Palace | Hyderabad | India | Photo courtesy: Jules1651Tailored To Suit You

Hyderabad: Chowmahalla Palace

1/2 day | FROM USD $85

Explore the majestic Chowmahalla Palace, a wonderful testimony to the...

Charminar Mosque | Hyderabad | IndiaTailored To Suit You

Hyderabad's Old City

1/2 day | FROM USD $105

Explore the charming Old City of Hyderabad and visit the colossal the...

AP State Museum | Hyderabad | India | Photo courtesy: AbhinabaTailored To Suit You

Hyderabad: Museum Musings

1/2 day | FROM USD $120

Explore the majestic Chowmahalla Palace, a wonderful testimony to the...

Mysore Palace | India Tailored To Suit You

Bangalore: The Kingdom of Mysore

1 day | FROM USD $275

Explore the enchanting city of Mysore, famed for its grand palaces and...

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Join us on a day's outing in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bangalore to visit the iconic Taj Mahal, impressive cave temples, attractive gardens, lively markets, grand palaces and museums strewn with treasures.

India Short Stays

The Taj Mahal | Agra | IndiaTailored To Suit You


3 days | FROM USD $655

Agra, once the capital of India under the Mughals, a lasting legacy of...

The Amber Fort | Jaipur | IndiaTailored To Suit You


3 days | FROM USD $725

A favourite of travellers, the architecturally flamboyant capital of a...

Houseboat on the backwaters of KeralaTailored To Suit You

Keralan Backwaters

3 days | FROM USD $985

A peaceful and rustic 3 day sojourn on the mellow backwaters of off to...

Kolata | IndiaTailored To Suit You


3 days | FROM USD $595

Capital of West Bengal, Kolkata is a sophisticated, cultural and city....

Lake Pichola | Udaipur | IndiaTailored To Suit You


3 days | FROM USD $1,295

An oasis of cool, with its massive lake and Venetian-like appearance,...

Golden Temple | Amritsar | IndiaTailored To Suit You


4 days | FROM USD $985

Home to the world famous Golden Temple and the seat of the Sikh is one...

Ellora Temple | Ajanta and Ellora | IndiaTailored To Suit You

Ajanta & Ellora

4 days | FROM USD $1,855

See the remarkable, rock-hewn 2nd century B.C. caves of Ajanta adorned...

Gateway of India | Mumbai | IndiaTailored To Suit You

Bombay Dreams

4 days | FROM USD $985

Formally known as Bombay, exhilarating and charismatic Mumbai is the...

Temples in Hampi | IndiaTailored To Suit You


4 days | FROM USD $1,695

From tropical Goa, journey to the southern state of Karnataka to the...

The Ganges | Varanasi | IndiaTailored To Suit You

Khajuraho & Varanasi

4 days | FROM USD $2,545

Khajuraho is famed for its stunning temples which display exceedingly...

Winter landscape | Leh and Ladakh | IndiaTailored To Suit You

Leh & Ladakh

4 days | FROM USD $2,155

Leh and Ladakh are ‘other-worldly’ places with Buddhist perched on...

Ghats and Ram Jhula Bridge| Rishkesh | IndiaTailored To Suit You


4 days | FROM USD $625

Gaining instant fame as the site where ‘The Beatles’ travelled to...

Town scene | Shimla | IndiaTailored To Suit You


4 days | FROM USD $795

Shimla, was the ‘summer capital’ of British India. The natural of...

Lighthouse and beach | Kovalam | IndiaTailored To Suit You

Kovalam Beach

5 days | FROM USD $985

Palm fringed Kovalam Beach in Southern India is a true paradie, means...

Beautiful beach | Kerala | IndiaTailored To Suit You

Mararikulam Beach

5 days | FROM USD $1,165

Located in the picturesque fishing village of Mararikulam, Marari is a...

Tea plantatino | Nilgiri Hills | India Tailored To Suit You

Nilgiri Hills

5 days | FROM USD $1,695

The Nilgiris or Blue Mountains, often called The Queen of Hills, are a...

Beach sunset | Goa | IndiaTailored To Suit You

Tropical Goa

5 days | FROM USD $1,225

Palm fringed beaches, tropical warm seas and year round sun are just a...

Chinese fishing nets | Kochi | IndiaTailored To Suit You

Kerala Homestay

8 days | FROM USD $2,375

Combining historic Kochi, the virgin hills of the Western Ghats pepper...

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Our short stays in India are an easy way to add on a visit to that extra place or two which may not be included on your chosen group or private tour itinerary. You can also create your own itinerary by combining any number of our short stays into a longer holiday. We’re also happy to adapt these short stay packages to suit your needs, from upgrading your accommodation to adding more time to explore an interesting location - we’re here to tailor things to suit your travel requirements.

India Foodie and Spa Holidays

View of Darjeeling in IndiaExciting Days, Comfortable Nights

Darjeeling High Tea

7 Days | FROM USD $2,165

Discover Darjeeling and its internationally acclaimed tea estates, of...

Tea plantatino | Munnar | IndiaTailored To Suit You

Munnar Tea Estate

4 days | FROM USD $885

Munnar in South India offers breathtaking views of the surrounding tea...

Ananda Spa | Himalayas | IndiaTailored To Suit You

Ananda Spa

4 days | FROM USD $4,945

Set amongst virgin forest in the Himalayan foothills, Ananda Spa is in...

Learing to cook famed Indian cuisine!Tailored To Suit You

Cooking Course in Goa

8 days | FROM USD $2,479

Set in palm-fringed Goa, this introduction to the art of cooking food...

Spa breaks | IndiaTailored To Suit You

Kerala Ayurvedic Break

8 days | FROM USD $4,165

Relax your spirit, body and mind on an ayurvedic break in beautiful up...

Spa breaks | IndiaTailored To Suit You

Himalayan Spa Break

8 days | FROM USD $4,495

Ananda Rejuvenation Spa offers a serene and truly unforgettable of and...

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Beyond tigers and the Taj Mahal, just the mention of India conjures up thoughts of aromatic curries, soothing tea and Ayurvedic spas. If you love Indian cuisine then join our cooking course in tropical Goa whilst tea lovers can sip a cup of the world’s finest chai in acclaimed tea estates set in the lofty hills of Darjeeling, or for complete rejuvenation, Ananda Spa in the Himalayas may be just the ticket. read more

Cooking in Goa: Brush up on your culinary skills with our cooking classes in Goa where we'll explore the art of preparing Indian food. Set in this tropical region, our cooking school is managed by the bubbly chef, Judy Cardoza, who will tantalize your taste buds with her unique take on North Indian, South Indian and local Goan cuisine. Choose from our half day Curry Morning class to an 8-day extravaganza that includes a visit to the local markets and more.

India tour reviews

Scoring an average traveller rating of 4.61 out of 5 based on 112 recent reviews — See All India Reviews

The tour was amazing and it was all thanks to Vansh. His attention to detail and his ability to get on with all ages, answer questions and ensure that everyone was having the best holiday, was second to none. Vansh went the extra mile for members of the party, ensuring that their needs were met and he was able to deal politely with the locals who wanted us to buy souvenirs and show us their skills. We felt that Vansh brought the group together and the experiences we had through him will live with us forever.”  

Kathryn McCubbin • Submitted 3 Oct 2016

The Taj Express was fantastic right from the start and exceeded all of my expectations. It was a wonderful taste of India and our guide Vansh was just brilliant. No task was too much for him and his number one priority was our enjoyment, safety and comfort. Vansh has a great sense of humour and interwines this with speaking about the history of various areas in India that the tour visits; he was very engaging and did everything with a smile on his face. Our bus driver and assistant were fantastic as well and the tour was so well organised and everything ran seamlessly. The quality of the hotels was great as well and a highlight of the tour for me (aside from the Taj Mahal of course!) was our stay in Alsisar and visit to the local school. I cannot recommend this tour or On The Go highly enough!”  

Lauren Kruger • Submitted 28 Sep 2016

Our initial tour of India was fabulous. Vansh explained the culture, history and current way of life brilliantly and brought the country alive. Vansh was extremely helpful, sorting out issues any one of us might have and going way beyond what I'm sure is expected of him. He found pharmacies, plug adaptors and ATM machines. Thank you very much Vansh!”  

Alec Glennie • Submitted 11 Sep 2016

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October 17, 2016 • Hollie Youlden
Completed back in 1648, the world’s most iconic monument ever built in the name of love is 360...
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September 16, 2016 • Lisa McCowan
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See the Taj Mahal in all its glory now!
Planned facelift for the main dome of the Taj

Now's the time to plan that trip to India and the Taj Mahal, the world's greatest monument ever built in the name of love. In April 2017 the Taj's main dome will undergo a facelift with mud-pack therapy used to restore the gleaming white of the marble used to build the structure. Scaffolding will cover the main dome for as long as the cleaning process takes, which is expected to be up to a year, so for uninterrupted views and perfect shots of the Taj Mahal, get there quick!

India Map

Recommended places to visit in India

India is as diverse as it is vast, with traditions, local culture and cuisine varying considerably from region to region. Compiling a 'best of' is no easy feat, but to get you going with planning your trip, here's a few of our favourite places to visit:

Darjeeling - Tea Central

View on map
Tea plantation | Darjeeling | India

A perfect spot to sip your daily cuppa and with tea plantations aplenty, Darjeeling sits at an altitude of 2,200 metres with a backdrop of mighty snow-clad Himalayan peaks. A visit to the nearby Ghoom monastery is a must and there's plenty of of fabulous trekking in the surrounding area too.

Agra - Home of the Taj Mahal

View on map
The Taj Mahal | Agra | India

An absolute must-see for a first time visit to India and one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World, the incredible Taj Mahal in Agra will probably lure you back to India again in no time at all! Try our Taj Traveller trip which includes a day in Agra visiting both the Taj Mahal and Agra Fort.

The Golden Temple - Amritsar

View on map
The Golden Temple | Amritsar | India

As the spiritual and cultural centre of the Sikh religion, Amritsar is home to Harimandir Sahib, better known in the West as The Golden Temple. Constructed of white marble, bronze and gold leaf, the Golden Temple looks absolutely stunning at night and a must-see. The local food from Amritsar is renowned too and be sure not to miss the colourful daily Goodnight Ceremony, also known as the Wagah-Attari Border retreat

Ranthambhore - Tiger Country!

View on map
Tiger tracking | India

There’s an abundance of wildlife at Ranthambhore and if you’re lucky you might spot a tiger or two. It’s also home to the impressive 10th century Ranthambhore Fort, a top location for bird watching. Consider our Shere Khan trip for a couple of relaxing days at Ranthambhore after taking in the key sites of India's North.

Varanasi - The Holy City

View on map
The Ganges | Varanasi | India

Set on the banks of the Ganges, Varanasi is considered the holiest of places in India and has been a centre of learning and civilization for over 2000 years. Visiting Varanasi can be an assault on the senses, but it's certainly rewarding and you'll definitely feel like you've truly seen India. Don't miss out on a sunrise boat ride down the Ganges.

Jaipur - The Pink City

View on map

With 18th century Jantar Mantar, an impressive City Palace complex and the lofty Amber fort, there's good reason why Jaipur forms the third point (after Delhi and Agra) on India's famed Golden Triangle. Jaipur has a vibrant city market too, a top spot to spend a few hours late afternoon after a day exploring the cities sites.

Udaipur - The Lake City

View on map
Lake Pichola | Udaipur | India

One of Rajasthan's gems, the city of lakes, Udaipur is a firm favourite for travellers to India. Highlights include the famous lake side City Palace, the 18th century haveli museum of Bagore-ki-haveli, and the impressive Monsoon Palace perched hillside overlooking the lake. A boat ride for lunch at the exquisite Taj Lake Palace is a real highlight too.

Kerala - The Beautiful South

View on map
On the backwaters of Kerala in a traditional riceboat

Visit Kerala's quaint and historic capital Kochi, spend a day on a rice boat on tranquil backwaters, head to hilly tea plantations at Munnar, discover wildlife at Periyar and top your holiday off at one of Kerala's laid back beaches on the Arabian Sea.

Our guide to travel in India:

Planning ahead can make the difference between a good trip and a great trip, so to get you going, here's our short guide to travelling in India.

Top Travel Tips

How to avoid Delhi-belly & plenty more useful tips

Best Time to Visit

India's seasons and the ideal time to holiday there

Humayun's Tomb | Delhi | India

Best Places to Visit

Kashmir to Kumarakom and the best bits in between

Tourist Visas

No visa, no entry - here's how you get one

A group of Indian women in colourful saris outside the Taj Mahal

India's Golden Triangle

Our guide to travelling India's Golden Triangle

Houseboat on the backwaters of Kerala

Visiting Kerala

Plan your visit to 'God's own country' with our guide

2 local men in a boat across the water from the magnificant Amber Fort

India Video Lounge

A collection of our favourite travel videos taken in incredible India

Village elders in Rajasthan

Visiting Rajasthan

Our guide to visiting Rajasthan with top places to visit

Tiger Safaris in India

The best national parks, where to stay and what to expect

Tiger tracking | India

Travel Operators for Tigers

Sustaining India's diminishing tiger population

Cross the The Taj Mahal on your list on a tour of India

Traveller Reviews

Trip reviews from our travellers to India

Get to know India

Recommended Reading

  • Shantaram
    by Gregory David Roberts
  • Around India in 80 Trains
    by Monisha Rajesh
  • The White Tiger: A Novel
    by Arvind Adiga
Did you know...?

Facts about India

  • At an altitude of over 2,400 meters, the world's highest cricket ground is in Chail, India.
  • India's Hindu calendar has 6 seasons. Spring, summer, monsoon, autumn, winter and prevernal.
  • Spice it up please! Perhaps it's no surprise, but roughly 70% of the world's spices come from India.

India Travel Advice:

We keep abreast of the latest travel advice to India and follow advice as set out by the British Foreign Office. Safety of our travellers is paramount and we recommend that you check the latest travel updates from the relevant advisory body in your country. The FCO currently advises against travel to Kashmir and so we are unable to operate tours to this region at present.

Online Travel Resources for India:

REFER TO: Rough Guides, Fodors, Bradt, Frommers, Footprints, CN Traveller and World Travel Guide.

ALSO SEE: The official India Tourist Organisation site and the latest India Weather Updates from the BBC.

INDIA TRAVEL BLOGS: Here's a few blogs on travelling to India that we love - Itchy Feet, Travel Tales from India and Audio Compass.

See the real India

Our experienced international team have travelled extensively throughout India and all of our trips are led by local Indian guides who'll give you a true insight into the country. Authenticity is core to our holidays and our trips include a few fun local experiences too - watch dhobis in action at the ghats, experience village life in Bharatpur, see jalebi's being made street side, learn how to wrap a sari or a turban in Alsisar, celebrate Holi - the nation's most exciting festival of colour and take a rickshaw ride through the streets of Old Delhi.

Exciting Days, Comfortable Nights OTG Signature
Exciting Days, Comfortable Nights

On The Go's Signature group tours place local interaction and authenticity at the heart of your cultural travel experience. Upping the comfort stakes, this range is a clear cut above our OTG Adventure range.

Appealing to a wide age demographic from the 20s to 60+, we maximize your days with excitement and awe and then bring you home to a comfortable 4* hotel with western amenities, air-conditioning, WiFi and, where appropriate, a swimming pool. Hotels can sometimes be of 3 or 5 star standard too, ensuring you get the best value for your holiday.

Visiting all the main attractions you’ll be accompanied throughout by our highly qualified English-speaking local guides too. Group size is typically 18 with a maximum for 28, apart from festival tours, where group sizes can be larger due to the one-off nature of these events.

Tailored To Suit You OTG Independent
Tailored To Suit You

On this range you won’t be joining other travellers, but will be on your own private itinerary. Accommodation, pace of travel and the style of trip is tailored to your individual needs. From pre-priced packages available off the shelf to fully curated tailor-made holidays, this range also includes our selection of one-night stopovers, day-tours and short breaks.

The OTG Independent range gives you all the great service aspects of our Signature range with the flexibility to create a truly unique and bespoke holiday or adventure to a variety of destinations around the world.

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