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Japan is a charming confluence of new and old. From glimmering skyscrapers and flashing neon lights, to Geishas and quaint traditional tea shops, Japan's distinct character sets it apart from the rest of Asia. Whether bedding down for the night in a traditional inn, sitting on a woven mat eating sushi or soaking in a natural hot spring, Japan offers travellers a unique cultural experience unlike any other. With a bounty of regional specialities and world-class restaurants, food lovers will discover culinary paradise in Japan’s extraordinary cuisine too.

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Upcoming Japan Trips

Trip NameStartsDepartingFrom USDDealMap
Tokyo to Takayama - 14 days Tokyo 12 Nov 2016 USD $7,185 Tokyo to Takayama - 14 days Map
Land of the Samurai - 12 days Tokyo 12 Nov 2016 USD $5,225 Land of the Samurai - 12 days Map
Best of Japan - 8 days Tokyo 12 Nov 2016 USD $3,865 Best of Japan - 8 days Map
Cherry Blossom Festival - 13 days Tokyo 25 Mar 2017 USD $7,190 Cherry Blossom Festival - 13 days Map
Takayama Festival - 11 Days Tokyo 06 Oct 2017 USD $5,625 Takayama Festival - 11 Days Map

Japan Group Tours

Mount FUji with phlox moss and reflective lake in the foreground | JapanExciting Days, Comfortable Nights

Best of Japan

8 days | FROM USD $3,685

Discover the best of Japan in just 8 days. Travelling from the modern...

The Kyoto Basin | Kyoto | JapanExciting Days, Comfortable Nights

Land of the Samurai

12 days | FROM USD $5,035

On this wonderful 12 day group tour of Japan you’ll not only take in...

The Torii Gate on Miyajima Island | Hiroshima | JapanExciting Days, Comfortable Nights

Tokyo to Takayama

14 days | FROM USD $7,025

This 14 day adventure takes in the must-see sites of Tokyo and Kyoto a...

Our Japan group tours start in Tokyo, the cutting edge capital with gleaming skyscrapers and bustling streets. A high speed rail journey out of the city reveals another side of Japan where spectacular landscapes abound, from iconic Mt Fuji to the pristine island of Miyajima. Other highlights include ancient Kyoto, the heart and soul of traditional Japan, and Hiroshima with its poignant Peace Park. All of our group tours are led by an experienced local tour guide who will be on hand to provide assistance along the way, organising your daily activities, providing a fascinating insight into the places you visit and giving you useful tips on where to eat, shop and visit during free more

With a maximum group size of 16, our tours of Japan include arrival airport transfers and guided sightseeing. While in big cities we stay in modern 3 star hotels, we also sample some authentic Japanese hospitality at a traditional ryokan in Hakone - an essential experience in Japan. To get from A to B we use Japan's fast and efficient rail network with bullet trains travelling at speeds up to 320km per hour. Other forms of local transportation we use include buses, cable cars with spectacular mountain views, and a pirate-ship cruise on Lake Ashi.

Japan Festival Tours

Takayama Autumn Festival | Takayama | Japan | Photo courtesy: Robert PaExciting Days, Comfortable Nights

Takayama Festival

11 Days | FROM USD $5,625

Escorted Group Tour: Autumn in Japan is simply spectacular, as the of...

Cherry Blossom Festival | JapanExciting Days, Comfortable Nights

Cherry Blossom Festival

13 days | FROM USD $7,190

Escorted Group Tour: Springtime is possibly one of the best times to...

Each season of the year provides a unique reason to visit Japan at its most beautiful and we have a selection of festival tours timed perfectly to coincide with cherry blossom season in spring when the country blooms pink and the Takayama Festival in autumn to celebrate the changing of the leaves.

Japan Private Tours

Akihabara | Tokyo | JapanTailored To Suit You

Just Japan

8 days | FROM USD $2,649

Private Tour: Take in the buzz of Japan’s capital city, learn how to...

Kiyomizu Temple | Kyoto | JapanTailored To Suit You

Geisha & Gyoza

8 days | FROM USD $2,579

Private Tour: Get lost in the organised chaos of Tokyo, catch a of in...

Mount Fuji & peace Pagoda | JapanTailored To Suit You

Land of the Rising Sun

14 days | FROM USD $4,669

Private Tour: Travel like the Tokyoites do in Japan’s capital city,...

Osaka Castle | Osaka | JapanTailored To Suit You

Konnichiwa Japan!

14 days | FROM USD $4,399

Private Tour: After fully exploring Tokyo head to Nagano and Matsumoto...

Join us in Japan on one of our four private tours for your independent adventure. Given Japan's excellent transport system, getting around is fairly hassle free and makes it easy to combine a wealth of cultural sights and experiences in one hit. Whether you’d like to shop in Tokyo, experience Osaka's vibrant nightlight, meet geishas in Kyoto or soak in a hot spring in Kinosaki Onsen - our private tours in Japan have you well-looked after.

Japan tour reviews

Scoring an average traveller rating of 4.7 out of 5 based on 10 recent reviews — See All Japan Reviews

I would like to say that my vacation was amazing. We both had so many fun and amazing experiences. I stated a comment on my local form but would like to say it again; the tour guides were both amazing. I do wish we would have had more time in certain areas but understand the logistics did not permit. I regard On the Go very highly and would consider booking again if a preferable repeat customer rate could be discussed. Thank you kindly for the experiences ”  

Samuel Murphy • Submitted 14 Oct 2016

This tour was fantastic. The organisation and the guides were exceptional. From when we stepped off the plane in Tokyo we were met and guided through to our accommodation. The guides were always prepared and We really liked Yukiko's daily guide notes! The accommodation in Tokyo was central and convenient. In Hakone we enjoyed the more traditional ryokan. The day we had travelling through Fuji Hakone National Park was one of the best days touring we have ever experienced. Closely followed by our visit to Miyajima Island.The Daiwa Roynet in Kyoto and Hiroshima were great.

These tours are named On the Go for a good reason. A good level of health and fitness is required to experience all the benefits. ”  

Jennifer Geutjes • Submitted 1 Jun 2016

Excellent trip all round.”  

Ian Thomlinson • Submitted 27 May 2016

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Autumn colours
Japan at its most beautiful

Visit Japan when autumn brings with it a gorgeous palette of russet hues that decorates the landscape with colourful festivals taking place across the country when you might be lucky enough to catch yatai floats parading through the streets in honour of local shrines and in preparation for the winter. Our Japan tours depart throughout the year so you can enjoy the Land of the Rising Sun in all seasons.

Japan Map

Recommended places to visit in Japan

From thoroughly modern cities to charming historic towns, Japan has a long list of highlights as well as plenty of unique experiences. For a first-time visitor there are some standout destinations that should definitely feature in a tour itinerary and here's our selection of favourites.

Hiroshima - Historical City

View on map
The Atomic Bomb Dome | Hiroshima | Japan

Quite possibly one of the most well known cities in Japan, Hiroshima is most famous for the sad events of the 6th August 1945. However 70 years on and the city has bounced back in a truly charming Japanese way. The Hiroshima Peace Memorial is one of the only physical reminders of the tragedy as it was the only structure left standing close to the bomb’s hypocentre.

Kyoto - Former Capital

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Ginkaku-Ji Temple | Kyoto | Japan

One of the longest serving capitals of Japan, Kyoto is home to an impressive one quarter of Japan’s national treasures. This includes countless temples and shrines as well as 17 recognised UNESCO sites! However what, or rather who is the most iconic sight in Kyoto are the famous Geisha. These timeless female entertainers are experts in traditional dance, art and music.

Takayama - Mountain Paradise

View on map
Street view | Takayama | Japan

Set in the centre of Honshu, Takayama enjoys a beautiful mountainous location. Despite its relatively small size, Takayama packs a punch when it comes to its wealth of museums, galleries and temples. Also home to one of Japan’s best loved festivals – the Takayama Festival which occurs in October every year and sees crowds flock to see the city turn into a beautiful autumnal paradise.

Tokyo - Bright City Lights

View on map
Akihabara | Tokyo | Japan

Japan's capital city Tokyo is a metropolis that needs little introduction. Famous for its huge skyscrapers, fantastic shopping and super efficient subway system, it’s a city that will leave you amazed. There is also a more traditional Japanese side to the city in the north-east where you can get lost amongst the temples of Asakusa including Tokyo’s oldest temple - Senso-ji.

Japan Travel Guide

Make the most of your time in Japan with our useful guide on the essentials you need to know before you go.

Best Time to Visit

Information on climatic and weather conditions in Japan

City skyline | Tokyo | Japan

Best Places to Visit

Places on our must-see list of any visit to Japan

Top Travel Tips

Money, shopping, transport, food, health advice & more

Tourist Visas

Visa requirements for Japan and info on getting your visa

Bullet train & Mount Fuji | Japan

Transport in Japan

It's great! Modern, punctual and easy to use

Travel Advice & Updates

The latest warnings on natural disasters in Japan

Picture of three geisha girls in Japan

Top 10 Experiences

Our picks for Japan and where best to sample these delights

Fukuda Shishimai Festival | Hiroshima |  Japan

Japan Reviews

Reviews from our travellers to Japan

Get to know Japan

Recommended Reading

  • Shogun
    by James Clavell
  • Memoirs of a Geisha
    by Arthur Golden
  • Shutting Out the Sun
    by Michael Zielenziger
Did you know...?

Facts about Japan

  • Japanese trains are among the most punctual in the world: the average delay is just 18 seconds.
  • Japan has more than 50,000 people who are over 100 years old, the majority of which are women.
  • The biggest Japanese community outside of Japan is in Brazil with the first immigrants having arrived in 1908.

Japan Travel Advice:

We stay informed of the latest travel advice to Japan and follow the regulations laid out by the British Foreign Office. The safety of our travellers is paramount and we recommend that you check the latest travel updates from the relevant advisory body in your country prior to travel.

Online Travel Resources for Japan:

REFER TO: Rough Guides, Fodors, Frommers, Footprints, CN Traveller and World Travel Guide.

ALSO SEE: The official Japan Tourist Organisation site and the latest Japan Weather Updates from the BBC.

JAPAN TRAVEL BLOGS: Get under the skin of Japan with these informative blogs - Gakuran, Shisaku and Japanese Rule of 7.

Highlights of our Japan Tours

In Tokyo, discover a capital city hurtling headlong into the future as the crux of the latest trends, hippest fashions and must-have gadgets. And in Osaka, the country’s second city, uncover trendy restaurants, cool bars and unrivalled nightlife amongst the city's skyscrapers. In the culturally rich city of Kyoto, sacred shrines can be found tucked in among shopping arcades, time-honoured tea houses nestle among modern businesses and the traditional Geisha can be found in the historic Gion district.

Exciting Days, Comfortable Nights OTG Signature
Exciting Days, Comfortable Nights

On The Go's Signature group tours place local interaction and authenticity at the heart of your cultural travel experience. Upping the comfort stakes, this range is a clear cut above our OTG Adventure range.

Appealing to a wide age demographic from the 20s to 60+, we maximize your days with excitement and awe and then bring you home to a comfortable 4* hotel with western amenities, air-conditioning, WiFi and, where appropriate, a swimming pool. Hotels can sometimes be of 3 or 5 star standard too, ensuring you get the best value for your holiday.

Visiting all the main attractions you’ll be accompanied throughout by our highly qualified English-speaking local guides too. Group size is typically 18 with a maximum for 28, apart from festival tours, where group sizes can be larger due to the one-off nature of these events.

Tailored To Suit You OTG Independent
Tailored To Suit You

On this range you won’t be joining other travellers, but will be on your own private itinerary. Accommodation, pace of travel and the style of trip is tailored to your individual needs. From pre-priced packages available off the shelf to fully curated tailor-made holidays, this range also includes our selection of one-night stopovers, day-tours and short breaks.

The OTG Independent range gives you all the great service aspects of our Signature range with the flexibility to create a truly unique and bespoke holiday or adventure to a variety of destinations around the world.

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