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Here are some reviews from our past travellers to Jordan. For more details on each tour, simply click on the tour image.

She was fantastic; efficient, so friendly and extremely experienced and knowledgeable.

It was a joy having a female guide, especially a Jordanian Arab female - it helped me understand far better the role and history of women in the region (something I have never got before on trips to Syria, Iran etc).

She was a formidable lady and we felt we were in capable hands throughout. Fantastic.

Above an beyond this, she welcomed us into her family and we felt as though we really were with friends as a result.

She is a skilled guide and very professional yet maintained the ability to befriend each of us and make us feel special.

A great trip, and a great guide.

The last morning in Madaba can be dropped though - trailing round mosaics is a sharp come-down after the previous week of wonders. ”  

Clare Chatterjea • Submitted 3 Jan 2015
Pink flowers in Petra - Jordan Tours - On The Go Tours
Xmas in Petra
8 Days Day | XMAS and New Year Tours

Had a most amazing time. The Egyptian people were courteous and welcoming.

Our Tour Guide Mahmoud is obviously passionate about Egypt and its people and history and went out of his way to make the trip special for us. He is very professional and was able to impart his knowledge in "tourist size chunks" - plenty of information but not too much all at once ! By the end of the tour we knew the gods, kings and queens of ancient Egypt and had learned several words in arabic plus were even managing to read hieroglyphics.

I would like to mention in particular that my mom, Raye, is 85 years old. Mahmoud will always have a special place in her heart because of his concern and caring for her comfort and welfare.

Mahmoud will definitely get our vote as Tour leader of the year ! ”  

Colleen Butcher • Submitted 8 Dec 2014
Petra Treasury - Jordan Tours - On The Go Tours copy
Road to Jordan
15 days Day | Group Tours

Dear Mark

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for calling your office in Jordan yesterday and for organising for my daughter, Honor, to go to the hospital. She was whisked off as soon as she arrived in Jordan which was wonderful as she was in a lot of pain and the infection seemed to be spreading up her leg. Thankfully they gave her an injection which seems to have had a very quick result and she says that her foot is much better today – I think she is off for another injection in Petra this evening.

I was so impressed by you and your company’s quick response and for getting her the medical attention she needed so she could enjoy the rest of her trip. A big thank you!

With best wishes

Cressida, Douglas Miller ”  

Honor Douglas Miller • Submitted 4 Dec 2014
Pyramids, Petra, Promised Lands
18 days Day | Group Tours
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