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Kisii is surrounded by green hills and is mainly an agricultural town. It is a gateway to many of the national parks - Ruma National Park in Lambwe, South Nyanza is about 3 hours drive from the town and the Masai Mara National Park is also accessible from the town via the Kisii-Kilgoris road. With several wildlife options within easy reach, Kisii makes an excellent base for those seeking a balance between thrilling game drives and a relaxed village. Kisii was originally known by the Gusii community as 'Bosongo', which is generally considered to have originated from 'Abasongo', translating as 'the White people' who inhabited the town during the colonial times.

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The most famous asset of Kisii is its plethora of soapstone, which locals crafstmen have carved into all sorts of fascinating shapes. While the centre of Kisii is surprisingly lacking in these unusual objects, a short trip just out of the city to the town of Tabaka will lead visitors to the epicentre of soapstone carving. Impulse buying and awe-inspired gasps abound as you stroll past numerous vendors hawking their beautiful wares. If you have been looking for souvenirs to take back with you, now is your chance.

One thing guests to the region of Kisii might notice is that there are tremors than run through the earth on a regular basis. This is because the town is located on a fault line, meaning that minor earthquakes are the norm. Another interesting feature worth checking out, particularly for nature enthusiasts is the collection of trees filled with giant bats that fly through the skies of the region, even during the day time. They tend to congregate in the eucalyptus and pine trees near the local district commissioner’s compound.

Kisii Hotels

If you are planning a Kisii holiday, have a look at some of the accommodation that we recommend. 'Our Rating' indicates how we feel each property rates according to normal Western hotel standards. 'Local Rating' indicates how the property is categorised/rated locally:

Mash Park Hotel Kisii

Our Category: Simple   |   Regional Category: 3 Star Hotel

Mash Park stands amidst lush tropical gardens with panoramic views over Kisii Lands and the glittering downtown skyline. Sensitively constructed from ecologically sympathetic materials, the interior décor of the hotel reflects a kaleidoscope of cultural influences blending modern and African heritage. The hotel is located within Kisii-Kisumu Road, near Kisumu-Migori junction Opposite Caltex petrol station, a 5 minute drive from Kisii town.

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