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Here are some reviews from our past travellers to Morocco. For more details on each tour, simply click on the tour image.

1. Great people and good mix of nationalities, even nos. on m/f and age mix good.

2. But far to large a group which resulted in different ideas as to what to do at certain times and really restricted where we went on occasion. Jamal dealt with it all very well. Most of the group were saying it was too large. Personally I would not want more than 12 for similar trip in future, so would look for this when booking.

3. Personally I would have chosen breakfast and dinner with a short 'pic nic' style lunch. Most people also seemed to think that the long 3 course lunches took away time which could have been spent walking in various places. There was so much driving that walks were needed. Also to make contact with the landscape and people.

4. Food the most delicious I have ever tasted - bread, vegetables and oranges. All locally grown, all organic and all fed only with fertiliser from own animals. Lacking any protein for vegeatrians (2 of us). Food not so good in Marrakech.

5. Hotels all good. Breakfasts fantastic. One hotel had no heating - a great shock.

6. All additional guides and others very good.

7. Berbers/Tuareg interesting, friendly and polite.

8. Jamal good guide but too many people for him to be given much information.

9.. Extra day booked - fantastic with Jamal and mule owner alone.. En route stopped at large weekly market, etc which couldn't do with large group. Also lunch with family and Jamal enabled me to ask and learn much more. Most informative day of holiday.

10. The Marrakech guide was a nice chap and helpful and friendly when I parted from the group in pointing me in the right direction. Basically he laughed and joked and a lot of us wandered away, learnt nothing at all. Might I suggest a young student with intellectual application. Totally lacking in information even when questions asked. ”  

Lyn Nodes • Submitted 6 Jan 2015
Camel caravan in the Sahara Desert - Morocco Tours - On The Go Tours
Christmas in Morocco
8 days Day | XMAS and New Year Tours

The On The Go Tour of Totally Morocco was outstanding. There were 7 folks on the tour, plus a driver and guide, in a comfortable 15-passenger van. The guide, Aziz Benyahia, was amazing. The driver was quite friendly. The local guides were great.

The schedule was busy, with about 10 hour days. We were "on the go" for the entire tour, as we covered 1700 km of Morocco. We had numerous great stops, site tours and got a detailed description of the country, culture, and history. We actually got out and saw the people and the country; we did not just drive by. Our tour was happy and we had fun. Many other tours we saw looked grumpy and probably not enjoying the country. We saw parts of Morocco that many tours did not see. We got out into many genuine markets and deep into parts of old towns. The best market was a rural market, for the local folks. We had lunch in a typical Berber household and afternoon tea in another typical Berber household.

We rode camels into the Sahara to watch the sun go down from the top of a sand dune. We then stayed in Berber tents 2 hours out in the desert; the only other guests in our camp were a couple from the Netherlands. Early the next morning we watched the sun come up from the top of one of the highest sand dunes. We looked down on three other groups, two groups did not even get off their camels, so they did not see the sunrise as well as we did.

Accommodation was great. All but hotel had bathtubs; all had great Wi-Fi, AC, and clean large rooms. Some had outstanding balconies with great views. The included breakfasts were similar with the breakfasts we had in Europe. We ate at authentic Moroccan restaurants. Some of the best restaurants we ate at were included in the tour cost. We loved the food. I would recommend On The Go Tours or any tours offered by Aziz, their guide. ”  

Ian Hyslop • Submitted 26 Dec 2014
Totally Morocco
9 days Day | Group Tours

The tour was fantastic, it exceeded all my hopes, and Mustapha our guide was absolutely brilliant, he was warm, personable, friendly and gave us his full support and attention.”  

Ian Field • Submitted 24 Nov 2014
Djemmaa el Fna - Morocco Tours - On The Go Tours
Marrakech & Beyond
8 Days Day | Group Tours
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