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The city of Marrakech is an exotic and vibrant mix of cultural influences and ancient traditions and for many represents the very soul of Morocco. Divided into two, the old part of town offers everything you'd expect of a Moroccan city - colourful markets and residents dressed in traditional outfits, whilst the newer Ville Nouvelle district is a hive of chic boutiques, galleries and modern young locals eagerly embracing the future.

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One of the first sights you will see as you enter Marrakech is the Koutoubia Mosque, with its 230 foot high minaret, dating back to the 12th century. Djemâa el-Fna, the central square, spills out into a maze of souks where lively characters sell their wares and beckon would-be shoppers into their treasure-filled dens. The square is best seen in the evening when it’s overflowing with food stalls, dancers, henna artists and more. It is an assault on the senses the you can enjoy either by diving head first into it or by heading to one of the rooftops cafes and watching over the rim of your mint tea.

The souks have a variety of goods for sale and haggling is expected. Crisscrossing alleyways are overflowing with goods, from exquisite lanterns to beautiful tea sets, pointed shoes in the softest leather, as well as everyday wear. Little squares where the alleyways join usually have a cafe, great for taking a break from your shopping spree. It is easy to lose track of time as you wander through the little alleys.

Marrakech Tours

Here are some popular itineraries that include a visit to Marrakech

Djemaa El Fna | Marrakech | MoroccoTailored To Suit You

Marrakech & Ait Benhaddou

4 Days FROM $845
The sun begins to set over the twinkling lights of djemaa el fna square in MarrakechOver Land, Under Stars

Marrakech Express

5 Days FROM $895
Boats in Essaouira | MoroccoExciting Days, Comfortable Nights

Casablanca & Coast

7 days FROM $645
The Morocco Coastal Trek | MoroccoTrek, Cycle and Sightsee

Morocco Coastal Trek

8 Days FROM $845
Trekking in the Jebel Sahro | MoroccoTrek, Cycle and Sightsee

Jebel Sahro Trek

8 Days FROM $795
Fun on the Toubkal trek | MoroccoTrek, Cycle and Sightsee

Mount Toubkal Trek

8 Days FROM $655
Typical camp in the Sahara | MoroccoTrek, Cycle and Sightsee

Trek the Sahara

8 Days FROM $795
Essaouira Coast | MoroccoOver Land, Under Stars

Marrakech, Beach & Beyond

8 days FROM $1,345
Camel caravan in the Sahara Desert | MoroccoExciting Days, Comfortable Nights

Christmas in Morocco

8 days FROM $995
Migration of the Berbers | MoroccoOver Land, Under Stars

Morocco For Teens

8 days FROM $1,345
Berber man | MoroccoExciting Days, Comfortable Nights

Totally Morocco

9 days FROM $1,295
Family camel trekking | MoroccoOver Land, Under Stars

Kasbahs, Kids & Camels

9 days FROM $1,465
Camel trekking | Sahara Desert | MoroccoOver Land, Under Stars

Morocco Family Adventure

9 Days FROM $1,465
Sahara | MoroccoExciting Days, Comfortable Nights

Rock the Kasbah

10 Days FROM $1,185
Camel trekking | Sahara | MoroccoTailored To Suit You

Imperial Cities and Deserts

10 Days FROM $2,445
High Atlas Mountains | MoroccoTailored To Suit You

Atlas & Atlantic Coast

10 days FROM $2,175
Migration of the Berbers | MoroccoOver Land, Under Stars

Migration of the Berbers

11 days FROM $2,025
Essaouira's medina is one of Morocco's nine UNESCO World Heritage SitesExciting Days, Comfortable Nights

New Years in Morocco

11 Days FROM $1,265
Essaouira | Morocco Over Land, Under Stars

Kasbahs, Kids & Coast

12 days FROM $1,795
The leather tanneries of Fes | MoroccoExciting Days, Comfortable Nights

Best of Morocco

13 days FROM $1,695
Seagulls flying over Essaouira | MoroccoExciting Days, Comfortable Nights

Casablanca to Essaouira

13 days FROM $1,865
Essaouira | MoroccoTailored To Suit You

Classical Morocco

14 Days FROM $3,295
View of the city | Chefchaouen | MoroccoOver Land, Under Stars

Camels Souks & Kasbahs

15 Days FROM $1,935
Meteor Shower | Sahara | MoroccoOver Land, Under Stars

Geminids Meteor Shower

15 Days FROM $1,985
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Marrakech Hotels

If you are planning a Marrakech holiday, have a look at some of the accommodation that we recommend. 'Our Rating' indicates how we feel each property rates according to normal Western hotel standards. 'Local Rating' indicates how the property is categorised/rated locally:

Aquarelle Riad Marrakech

Our Category: Standard   |   Regional Category: Standard Riad

The Aquarelle Riad has a traditional tiled courtyard surrounded by rooms, which are clean and tastefully decorated. The rich oranges and reds used to colour this accommodation give the building an authentic feel. This is combined with beautiful decorations including lamps, fountains and beautiful fabrics. This Riad is situated in the old town of Marrakech, right in the heart of the Medina, and is only 15 minutes from the main Marrakech square.

Le Meridien N'fis Marrakech

Our Category: Deluxe   |   Regional Category: 5 Star Hotel

Le Meridien N'fis is a luxurious and elegant hotel. Rooms are flooded in the middle of luxuriant greenery. The murmur of fountains combined with the beautiful view over the Atlas Mountains give this hotel a special charm. Situated in an area of 5.5 hectares, the hotel overlooks magnificent Andalusian gardens. Enjoying an ideal location in the heart of the Hivernage, the residential district of Marrakech, the hotel is also just minutes from the gardens of Menara and Koutoubia Mosque.

Riad Porte Royale Marrakech

Our Category: Superior   |   Regional Category: Mid Range Riad

Riad Porte Royale is a traditional courtyard house in the spiritual heart of the medina. Riad Porte Royale has a large central courtyard, a salon, a loggia and five bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms. Parts of the riad date back to 1750, since which time the street level has risen over a metre and a half (five feet) above that of the original courtyard. Here you get an insight into local life, from the piles of mint and herbs sold every morning, to the families carrying dough to the local baker, to the tailor busy in his tiny shop.

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