New Africa brochure

Adventure awaits you in the pages of our new Africa brochure, brimming with incredible wildlife experiences for a thrilling safari holiday. Choose from one of our overland camping or lodge-accommodated safaris which take you to the highlights of Botswana, Kenya, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda and Zimbabwe.

Kenya Wildlife Week

Kenya Wildlife Week  - 7 days

Best of Kenya & Tanzania

Best of Kenya & Tanzania - 11 days

Falls to Joburg

Falls to Joburg -  12 days

Botswana Untouched

Botswana Untouched - 13 days

Cape to Namibia

Cape to Namibia - 14 days

Gorilla & Game Trek

Gorilla & Game Trek - 15 days

Delta & Desert Discovery

Delta & Desert Discovery - 17 days

World in One Country

World in One County - 20 days

Cape to Falls

Cape to Falls - 22 days

Wildlife, Falls & Beach

Wildlife, Falls & Beaches  - 27 days

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