Discover the best of Russia with our range of escorted tours or delve deeper with a tailor-made holiday and travel guides to help you plan your trip.

With a rich and at times tumultuous history stretching back centuries, the Land of the Tsars is a truly fascinating place to explore. On our tours, you'll get the chance to explore Russia's two main cities - St. Petersburg and Moscow - as well as life in the charming provinces. Despite three name changes, three revolutions and a 900-day siege, today’s St Petersburg, known simply as Piter by locals, is a beautiful and thriving city. Admire the impressive art collection at the famous Hermitage Museum, stroll along Nevksy Prospekt and discover beautiful churches and cathedrals in St Petersburg.

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And in Moscow, wander through legendary Red Square & iconic St Basil’s Cathedral, head underground to a Soviet-era bunker and take a ride on the Moscow Metro and fascinating museums and watch world-class opera or ballet.

Discover this and more top spots in Russia in 2019 and 2020 with our selection of escorted group tours, festive escapes, carefully designed private journeys and tailor-made holidays, as well as semi-independent travel on the Trans-Siberian Railway.

Upcoming Russia Trips in 2019 & 2020

Trip NameStartsDepartingFrom USDDealMap
Vodka Shot - 6 days St Petersburg, Russia 11 Jun 2019 USD $1,116 was $1,395 20% off Vodka Shot - 6 days Map
Golden Ring of Russia - 7 days Moscow, Russia 27 Jun 2019 USD $1,756 was $2,195 20% off Golden Ring of Russia - 7 days Map
Russian Revolution - 9 days St Petersburg, Russia 13 Jul 2019 USD $1,756 was $2,195 20% off Russian Revolution - 9 days Map
Back in the USSR - 7 days Moscow, Russia 11 Aug 2019 USD $1,441 was $1,695 15% off Back in the USSR - 7 days Map
Route of the Romanovs - 10 days St Petersburg, Russia 25 Jun 2019 USD $1,796 was $1,995 10% off Route of the Romanovs - 10 days Map

Our Russia Tours

Red Square & St Basil's Cathedral | Moscow | RussiaMood for Moscow - 4 days Map

Mood for Moscow

Trip Type : Group Tours
4 days | FROM USD $795

A city of contrasts where history peeks from behind every corner. From...

The Church on Spilled Blood | St Petersburg | RussiaSimply St Petes - 4 days Map

Simply St Petes

Trip Type : Group Tours
4 days | FROM USD $745

A very European city in a very Russian setting. With beautiful...

St Petersburg by night | RussiaNight at the Museum - 4 days Map

Night at the Museum

Trip Type : Group Tours
4 days | FROM USD $795

If you are an art or history buff you won't want to miss out on the...

Hermitage Museum | St Petersburg | RussiaWhite Nights and Museums - 6 days Map

White Nights and Museums

Trip Type : Group Tours
6 days | FROM USD $1,395

Are you a lover of the arts and fascinated by history books? If the...


Vodka Shot

Trip Type : Group Tours
6 days | FROM USD $1,295

This short and sweet 6 day tour of Russia takes in the must-see sights...


Golden Ring of Russia

Trip Type : Group Tours
7 days | FROM USD $2,195

Discover the age-old allure of Russia on this 7 day tour of Moscow and...


Back in the USSR

Trip Type : Group Tours
7 days | FROM USD $1,595

Explore Red Square, the Kremlin and opt to go inside a Soviet Bunker...


Russian Revolution

Trip Type : Group Tours
9 days | FROM USD $2,095

Enjoy more time in St Petersburg and Moscow, with guided sightseeing...

Pokrovsky Monastery | Suzdal | Russia | On The Go ToursDiscover Russia - 9 days Map

Discover Russia

Trip Type : Group Tours
9 days | FROM USD $2,495

Take in the highlights of St Petersburg and Moscow before getting off...


Route of the Romanovs

Trip Type : Group Tours
10 days | FROM USD $1,895

Follow in the footsteps of Russia's last ruling aristocrats - the...

Overlooking Red Square | Moscow | RussiaThe Snowball - 6 days Map

The Snowball

Trip Type : XMAS and New Year Tours
6 days | FROM USD $1,095

No stuffing turkeys or entertaining aunts, head to mighty Russia this...

St Basil's Cathedral | Moscow | RussiaWhite Russian - 7 days Map

White Russian

Trip Type : XMAS and New Year Tours
7 days | FROM USD $1,195

For a truly unique New Year’s break, celebrate in Russia’s...

Red Square & St Basil's Cathedral | Moscow | RussiaNew Year in Moscow - 9 days Map

New Year in Moscow

Trip Type : XMAS and New Year Tours
9 days | FROM USD $1,895

Where will you be celebrating on New Year's Eve? Ring in the New Year...

St Isaac's Cathedral | St Petersburg | RussiaThe Big Chill - 9 days Map

The Big Chill

Trip Type : XMAS and New Year Tours
9 days | FROM USD $1,795

Seasons greetings from Russia! Enjoy a relaxed yuletide in St...

Lake Onega | Karelia | RussiaKarelia & Kizhi Island - 4 days Map

Karelia & Kizhi Island

Trip Type : Private Tours
4 days | FROM USD $1,199

Resting on the shores of the Onego and Ladoga Lakes, the historic and...

Vladimir old town | Vladimir | Russia | On The Go ToursCapital & Country - 5 days Map

Capital & Country

Trip Type : Private Tours
5 days | FROM USD $2,159

Take in the highlights of Moscow – Russia’s capital city, before...

Suzdal | RussiaThe Golden Ring - 7 days Map

The Golden Ring

Trip Type : Private Tours
7 days | FROM USD $3,775

Russian history and architecture, famous old cities and towns. The...

Lake Baikal | Trans-siberian Railway | RussiaYekaterinburg Baikal Journey - 12 days Map

Yekaterinburg Baikal Journey

Trip Type : Private Tours
12 days | FROM USD $3,729

Take the Trans-Siberian all the way through from Moscow to Irkutsk '...

The Bronze Horseman | St Petersburg | RussiaSt Petes Explored - 4 Days Map

St Petes Explored

Trip Type : Short Stays
4 Days | FROM USD $849

Art and design abounds in this northern city, with opulent palaces,...

Christ Our Saviour in Museum | Moscow | RussiaMoscow Uncovered - 4 days Map

Moscow Uncovered

Trip Type : Short Stays
4 days | FROM USD $789

Explore Russia's capital city with all the remnants of Communism;...

St Basil's Cathedral | Moscow | RussiaSt Petes & Moscow - 6 Days Map

St Petes & Moscow

Trip Type : Short Stays
6 Days | FROM USD $2,399

Explore Russia's capital city with all the remnants of Communism;...

Our Russia Trip Types

An On The Go group at Peterhof

Russia Group Tours

View 10 Group Tours

Delve into the fascinating history and modern delights of Russia's most cosmopolitan cities - St. Petersburg and Moscow with our group tours.

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Focus on one city over four days or combine them both travelling by overnight sleeper train. Explore the riverside Kremlin of Novgorod or sample the Trans-Siberian railway out to Yekaterinburg with our selection of itineraries. Or perhaps visit when the sun never sets and museums are open all night with our special White Nights departures.

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Russia Tailor-made Holidays

Plan Your Dream Holiday

Whatever it is that brings you to Russia, we’ve got an expert tailor-made team ready to put together the perfect holiday for you.

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Whether you want to explore the popular cities or Moscow or St Petersburg, go further afield to Yekaterinburg and Lake Baikal sampling the Trans-Siberian railway, or take a cruise on the Volga or Neva rivers, we’ve got the perfect itinerary for you. Best of all? It's completely unique and built around your particular requirements from preferred accommodation to departure date.

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Russia XMAS and New Year Tours

View 4 XMAS and New Year Tours

Have that perfect winter break in Russia with snowy landscapes, hot steamy banyas and plenty of vodka to keep you warm.

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Our Christmas and New Year tours follow our popular group tour itineraries with some added winter escapades such as cross-country skiing or ice skating. Escape to Russia this holiday season for a white Christmas in stunning St. Petersburg and a thrilling New Year in Moscow's Red Square!

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Moscow Kremlin at sunset - Russia Tours - On The Go Tours

Russia Private Tours

View 4 Private Tours

Take the path less-trodden around Russia with our range of private journeys.

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Jump abroad a section of the Trans-Siberian railway to Yekaterinburg and onwards to the stunning Lake Baikal, enjoy the great outdoors in Karelia or explore the church-studded towns of Russia's Golden Ring.

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Bronze Horseman in Autumn - Russia Tours - On The Go Tours copy

Russia Short Stays

View 3 Short Stays

If you're short on time and want to experience the highlights of Russia over a long weekend, why not opt for one of our city breaks to Moscow and St. Petersburg.

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Marvel at the amazing art collections of St. Petersburg’s and choose to see the ballet or head to Moscow to gaze at the whimsical multi-coloured St Basil’s Cathedral and enjoy the nightlife. Can't choose between the two? Then do them both with our 6 day combo tour.

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Russia Day Tours

Get to know mighty Moscow and beautiful St. Petersburg with our range of day tours and activities in Russia's most popular cities.

Russia tour reviews

Scoring an average traveller rating of 4.61 out of 5 based on 38 recent reviews — See All Russia Reviews

Tour guide was excellent. I would suggest that clients should all buy a local sim card (300rb) so as to stay in touch and that if they use atms for money to draw out enough for the tour costs and some spending money at the airport on arrival; at least for St. Petersburg at atms are scarce.

Visit to Novgorod should have been a day trip, leaving at 7.30. and then the bullet train to Moscow the next day. We wasted half a day travelling there, the full day in the city and then arrived in Moscow at 4.30 tired with a day tour ... not good.

The Faberge museum, near the hotel, is a must see and should be included with a guide from the museum.

The group was great fun, including snowball fights, the guide was very relaxed and that helped the social cohesion but the guide did say it was one of the best groups she had had from that aspect.”  

Richard Skipper • Submitted 25 Jan 2019

We thoroughly enjoyed our trip and loved our tour guide. At times the tour did feel a bit rushed but of course there is never enough time to see and do everything. Our tour guide was very helpful and knowledgeable and answered all of our questions. We appreciated that she always laid out the plans for the day ahead of time so we knew what to expect. Would definitely recommend the tour to friends and family. ”  

Lauryn Gazzia • Submitted 9 Jan 2019

The Snowball New Years tour was fantastic. It was a lot to see in just a few days however I felt satisfied leaving Russia that I saw and did everything I wanted there. I loved having some free time in both St. Petersburg as well as Moscow. Both cities are quite large and have a lot to offer. I will definitely visit again, perhaps in the summer to see how the cities look like when gardens, flowers are in full bloom. My guide made an incredible tour just about perfect. Alina was friendly, knowledgeable and attentive to the tour team. It was also a great experience to be in Moscow during New Years which is a very significant holiday in Russia. We watched the fire works show right in the city centre. ”  

Marsha Wallace • Submitted 4 Jan 2019

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Escape to Russia this winter
Spend the Festive Season in Moscow and St Petersburg

On our Christmas and New Year tours you'll not only see the sights of Moscow and St Petersburg, but enjoy a few wintertime activities such as ice skating and cross country skiing. With beautiful snow covered landscapes along the way, what's not to love?

Highlights of our Russia tours

Russia is huge, there's no denying that, and the number of worthy travel destinations is equally impressive from mighty cities to gorgeous countryside. And you'll find a combination of both on our range of tours including these must-see attractions:


The Kremlin | Moscow | Russia

Get around Russia's capital by Metro for impressive Stalin-era stations, enjoy a guided walking tour of Red Square, explore the mighty Kremlin and take time at leisure to do your own thing.

St Petersburg

Church on Spilled Blood | St Petersburg | Russia

See the magnificent St Isaac's Cathedral, visit the Church on Spilled Blood, discover the art collections of the renowned Hermitage and tour either the Peterhof or Catherine Palace.


Looking out over the imposing Kremlin walls of Veliky Novgorod and its riverside setting

Discover one of Russia's oldest cities with a tour of the magnificent fortified Kremlin and the attractive gold-domed cathedral while enjoying the scenic riverside location.


The white washed exterior of Suzdal's Kremlin in Russia

Take a walking tour around the centre of medieval Suzdal to see the Kremlin, Market Square and Alexander monastery before stepping back in time at the Museum of Wooden Architecture.

Pskov & Pechory

Pskov Kremlin beside the frozen-over river during the winter months in Russia

Enjoy rural Russian during the snow-laden winter months with ice-skating on a frozen lake, time spent relaxing in a traditional banya and touring of the Pskov Kremlin and Pechory monastery.


Yekaterinburg | Russia

Have a taste of the Trans-Siberian Railway with a train ride from Moscow and a guided walking tour of Yekaterinburg on your arrival with a trip to the Ganina Yama Monastery.