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Russia is a vast and diverse destination with a remarkable history, stunning architecture and cosmopolitan cities. Moscow, home to Red Square & the Kremlin, and St. Petersburg with the famous Hermitage, are top cities for long weekends and worth combining for a week-long holiday too. If you're keen to venture off the beaten track, Yekaterinburg, home of the Romonovs, is a real highlight and we recommend travelling there on the Trans-Siberian railway from Moscow, an experience in itself.

With long, cold winters when snow blankets the cities and countryside, and warm summers with long days and the opening of royal gardens, Russia is a year-round destination with something to appeal to everyone. A number of religious festivals are observed throughout the year and when planning your 2017 visit to Russia, check out our Best Time to Visit page for more information on when to go and what's on.

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Despite being the biggest country in the world, most people centre their travel in Moscow to the western areas which include the capital Moscow, popular St Petersburg, Karelia and the picturesque Golden Ring. However there is still a lot of merit travelling east where you’ll be met with marvellous cities like Ekateringburg, the Ural mountains, Lake Baikal and journey’s end – Vladivostock. See below some of our favourite places in Russia to help inspire your holiday.

Moscow cityscape in the morning - On the Go Tours


Capital of Russia, home of the mighty Kremlin and the legendary Red Square and the city that inspired dozens of spy novels - this city needs little introduction. Once a small provincial outpost, Moscow has grown to become the cutting edge epi-centre of Russia, with a hedonistic nightlife scene, glitzy shopping malls, and world-class dining options yet it's a city that knows where it comes from and the streets are jam-packed with Russian history. It's the best place in Russia to get to grips with ...
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St Petersburg - Highlight image for web - On the Go Tours

St Petersburg

St. Petersburg, the jewel in Russia’s Imperial Crown, is an enchanting city with a rich history and elegant buildings. Formed around a series of canals the appearance of the city is reminiscent of Venice and it was from St. Petersburg that the Autocratic Tsars ruled Russia for two centuries until the revolution in 1917. If it is history you're interested in then there is plenty in this grandiose city to keep you entertained with an illustrious past that spans 300 years and culture vultures be ...
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Suzdal - web ready highlight image


Suzdal, with its pretty meadows and livestock that graze freely along the grassy lanes, retains the feel of a small pastoral village, despite the host of impressive buildings and a population of over 12,000 people. It is not hard to see why the town draws so many visitors - in the beauty stakes Suzdal is unrivalled in Russia. The small and incredibly picturesque town is situated in the Vladimir region northeast of Moscow and is just one of the many ancient towns that form Russia's famed Golden a ...
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Vladimir - web ready highlight image


Founded in 1108, the city of Vladimir was Russia’s medieval capital for nearly two centuries before giving way to Moscow and is one of the region's most historical sites. It forms part of the famed Golden Ring of ancient towns dating back as early as the 11th century that have great historic, architectural and religious significance in Russia, and like many of its neighbouring counterparts is home to a number of impressive monuments. The city also boasts a host of very good theatres and for a ...
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Yekaterinburg - web ready highlight image


Russia’s fourth largest city is a complex tapestry of history and culture. Founded in the early 18th century as an industry city to exploit the iron ore of the Ural Mountains, Yekaterinburg has enjoyed many years of economic success and given birth to a thriving arts and music scene. The city has also played its part in Russian politics as the place where the country’s last Tsar family were disposed of, effectively marking the beginning of the Socialist era, and where Boris Yeltsin – the a ...
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Irkutsk - New Highlight image for web - On the Go Tours


Founded by Russians in 1651 as a major fort beyond the Ural Mountains, Irkutsk was populated initially by exiled political prisoners sent by tsars and later by the Communists. As a major junction on the exile road, it was a handy place to send enemies of Russia’s autocratic rule in the form of 19th century Decembrists and Polish rebels. Irkutsk became a springboard for expeditions to the far East and North and by the end of the 17th century it supported a burgeoning population of Cossacks, and ...
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Novgorod Highlight - Web Ready


The ancient and provincial town of Novgorod is en route from St Petersburg to Moscow and a popular pit-stop. This pretty town is of historic interest; being one of the oldest towns in the country, and once the leading political and cultural centre of Russia, when Moscow was just a small provincial outpost. Take a guided tour around the once powerful Kremlin in Novgorod which is now a relic of the town’s once political significance. In the centre of town you will find the impressive of ...
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Pskov and Pechory Highlight - Web Ready

Pskov and Pechory

Located in the north west of Russia, just 30km from Estonia, the ancient and historical Pskov with its fortified kremlin and Trinity Cathedral is a firm favourite amongst tourists. Pskov dates back as far as 903, making it as old as the country itself and it has played host to a stream of Baltic invaders over the years. Pskov has retained much of its medieval outer-town walls and is crammed full of tiny, picturesque churches and fabulous examples of Byzantine architecture. Explore Pskov’s ...
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The Golden Ring

Russia isn’t just St Petersburg and Moscow – but north east of the capital lies the enchanting region called the Golden Ring. So called for its wealth of architectural and artistic riches – it is a collection of historical towns and cities. This area is where ancient Russia developed and the horizon is marked with the golden spires and onion domes of colourful monasteries with bells ringing out from towering belfries, making it one of Russia’s most enchanting destinations.

Inspirations for a holiday in Russia

See more of the real Russia with so many interesting and unique things to do - here's a few lesser known things to do on your holiday to Russia.

All aboard!

Ride the Moscow Metro

Metro’s the world over can be very similar – but not the Moscow Metro. Opened in 1935 it is one of the most elaborate metro systems with every station and even some of the trains beautifully decorated with classic artwork and ornate stained glass. It’s like going on a journey through an art gallery rather than just a transport system!

Get steamy

Try a traditional Banya

The simple Russian banya (sauna) is a perfect escape from the extravagance of Moscow and is an age old tradition in Russia that isn’t going away any time soon. In a tranquil location by a lake you can indulge in a beautiful BBQ lunch, with a little too much vodka before unwinding in the banya, learn the art of dried birch beating (they call it massaging!) each other and feel recharged and ready for your next stop of your Russian experience!

Follow in Gagarin's footsteps

Museum of Space

Located beneath the iconic 'To the Conquerors of Space' titanium sculpture shaped like a rocket taking off, the incredible Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics in Moscow is packed with over 3,500 exhibits. Sit inside Space Station Mir, marvel at the capsule that took Yuri Gagarin into space, play with fun gadgetry and even sample astronaut food!

Venice of the North

St Pete's by canal

Often labelled the 'Venice of the North', the city of St. Petersburg is situated across 42 islands separated by some 90 different rivers, Neva's arms and channels. Discover a completely different view of the city from these waterways with a cruise along the main canals passing lots of picturesque landmarks along the way.

Gulag Museum Novgorod
Cold War experience

Inside the Gulag

During the Cold War, this gulag in Novgorod held many of the Soviet Union’s most vocal opponents. Closed down in 1987, this camp was due to be destroyed like all others but a group of historians, human rights activists and former inmates managed to save it and it opened to the public in 1996 as the Memorial Centre for the History of Political Repressions.

Ekateringburg Border
Across the border

Stand with one leg on each side of Europe and Asia

There aren’t many places where you can stand on either side of the border of a continent! A country border maybe, or even the equator – but a continent? Well you can in Yekateringburg! The border with Europe and Asia cuts right through the city and it is fun to place on leg either side and get that famous photo shot!

Suggested tailormade holiday itineraries for Russia

Russia's fascinating cities of St. Petersburg and Moscow could keep you entertained for days roaming the collections of world-class museums and marveling at Soviet secrets. For rural Russia at its best head to the Golden Ring for a scenic cycle ride in Suzdal where church spires dominate the skyline. If that's not enough to tempt you, use our interactive map below to plan your own dream Russia tour.

St-Petersburg-Explored-Itinerary-Main-City-Breaks-RussiaSt Petes Explored - 4 Days MapTailored To Suit You

St Petes Explored

4 Days | FROM USD $849

Art and design abounds in this northern city, with opulent palaces, fortresses and galleries; but its not just...

St-Petersburg-And-Moscow-Itinerary-Main-Tailor-made-Holidays-RussiaSt Petes & Moscow - 6 Days MapTailored To Suit You

St Petes & Moscow

6 Days | FROM USD $2,399

Explore Russia's capital city with all the remnants of Communism; check out the art at the Tretyakov Gallery,...

The-Golden-Ring-Itinerary-Main-Tailor-made-Holidays-RussiaThe Golden Ring - 7 days MapTailored To Suit You

The Golden Ring

7 days | FROM USD $3,779

Russian history and architecture, famous old cities and towns. The Golden Ring is one of the oldest Russian It...

Serbia calling!

From the Ural mountains in the west to the great Lena River in the east, the sheer size of Siberia is difficult to comprehend yet the region offers much for the intrepid traveller. Stunning landscapes of endless forests, grassy meadows, pretty rivers and crystal clear lakes offer a wealth of activities either in the depths of winter or the height of summer – visitors will always find something to keep them entertained.

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