Visa Procurement

Please be advised that visa requirements are subject to change and that visa procurement is the responsibility of the traveller and not On The Go Tours, therefore it is essential that you check current visa requirements with the embassy before travel. Please also ensure that your passport is valid for at least 6 months from your planned date of departure from Russia.

Most nationalities require a visa when travelling to Russia, and tourist visas are only issued to travellers who have fully booked and confirmed travel arrangements. In order to obtain your visa a Russia Letter of Invitation is required (endorsed by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs) which we can procure for you for a fee of GBP£25/USD$59.

Please provide us with your passport details as soon as possible after booking as we need them for train and other bookings.

As of 30 March 2017, South African passport holders will be granted visa free entry to Russia for a duration of up to 90 days when travelling without the intention of living, working or studying in Russia. For more information visit the Russian Embassy website.

Russia visa information for

UK Residents

The Russian government introduced biometric applications in the UK on 10 December 2014. That means that you will need to apply for your Russian visa in person at the visa application centre in London or Edinburgh and submit your biometric data at the time of application (fingerprints and facial image), along with the visa fee and your letter of invitation.

Travel visas are an essential part of your holiday and you can’t get on with your adventure until you have them but they can be complicated things to sort out. There are application forms to complete and paperwork to provide. If you’re a resident of the UK, we offer a handy visa service to save you this hassle. Although you will have to submit your application in person, our visa department can check over your application to ensure you've prepared the correct paperwork.

Standard visas take on average 9 to 10 working days, and you must leave a minimum of 3 weeks before your trip to ensure you get your visa on time. The Russian Embassy experiences unprecedented demand, so the sooner you get your application to us, the better. Visa applications are only accepted 3 months or less prior to the date of your exit from Russia.

If you need your visa faster than that please advise us straight away. You’ll need to pay express visa fees if this is the case.

For all Russia Visas you will need to provide an Invitation Letter which can only be obtained through On The Go as you are travelling with us.

For details on how to obtain your Russian visa - click here.

Russia visa information for

Australia & New Zealand residents

Please visit the relevant embassy link below for visa form and instructions.

Embassy of Russia - Sydney
7-9 Fullerton Street, Woollahra NSW 2025
Tel : (02) 9326-1188 9326-1866
Fax : (02) 9327-5065

New Zealand
Embassy of Russia - Wellington
57 Messines Road, Karori, Wellington
Tel: (04) 476 6113
Fax: (04) 476 3843

Russia visa information for

USA & Canadian Residents

Please visit the relevant embassy link below for visa form and instructions.

Embassy of Russia
2650 Wisconsin Ave., NW, Washington DC, 20007
Tel: (202)298-5700
Fax: (202)298-5735

Embassy of Russia
285, Charlotte Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K 1 N 8 L 5, Canada
Tel: +1 613 235-4341, 236-1413
Fax: +1 613 236-6342

All nationalities -

Visa Application Guidelines

Here are guidelines on how complete the online Russia visa application form.

Please note that your visa application cannot be processed until all sections of the form have been completed and (if necessary) proof of residency is provided. Please use the following information to fill in the application:

• Please complete every question (in English) on the application form
• Visa Category and type: Common Tourism
• Type of passport: Tourist
• Purpose of section: Tourism
• Purpose: Tourism
• Reference Number: 010431
• Number of confirmation (voucher number - which you will receive from your On The Go consultant)
• Name of tourist organisation: Tour De Force
• Medical Insurance: Is compulsory, your application will not be accepted unless ‘yes’ is ticked
• Please type your details, print out the page exactly as specified on the Russian Embassy Website and sign and date it in BLACK ink
• Hotel in Russia: If your tour starts in Moscow: “Izmailovo -Gamma Delta” 105613, Russia, Moscow, Izmailovskoye sh., 71, 3V; ph: +7 (495) 7377000
• If your tour starts in St Petersburg: "Asteria Hotel", 71 Fontanka River embankment, Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation ph: +7 812 335-68-88
• Route of journey (e.g. Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Veliky Novgorod) - check your itinerary and note all cities visited in Russia in the order visited

The granted tourist visa is valid strictly for the specified dates of your itinerary including your chosen trip and any pre or post trip accommodation you may require. The visa lists entry/exit dates - so please exercise care when completing this section on your visa application form as On The Go cannot be held responsible for incorrect dates and your passport data.

Please note that once you have completed the visa application form online, you will need to print it out EXACTLY as stated on the Russian Embassy website and also ensure that your photo EXACTLY fits the photo box on the visa application page - otherwise the Russian Embassy can and will reject your visa application.

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