The steep winding road of the Sani Pass

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About Sani Pass

Winding through the mountains that border South Africa and Lesotho, the Sani Pass is one of Africa's highest passes as well as, arguably, the most scenic drive in all of South Africa. With sharp, hairpin bends, steep inclines and treacherous plunges, it is definitely not an easy drive, however, those who undertake the challenge will reap the benefits as they absorb the awe-inspiring views that lie in wait at the summit of the pass. Peaking at almost 3,000m above sea level and nicknamed the "Roof of Africa", no trip to South Africa would be complete without completing a stretch of the Sani Pass.

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The only cars that are allowed to tackle this monster of a road are 4x4s and trust us when we say you would not want to attempt the journey in anything smaller. However, there are some who brave it on a quad bike, motorbike or even just a normal mountain bike and if you're feeling particularly adventurous you can even hike the pass on foot. Whichever method you choose, make sure you break up your travel with a stop at Africa's highest pub, the Sani Top Chalet for a quick drink (or coffee if you're the driver).

Guided tours along the pass are available and recommended for anyone who does not feel confident enough to command their own vehicle along this notorious path. During the tours you might learn the history of the pass and about how it used to be a mule trail for the inhabitants of the mountains. They would bring down wool in exchange for blankets and necessary supplies, essential to a life at such altitude. Or you might just get to see some breathtaking natural vistas. Either way, this pass is not to be missed.

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